Lehi: A Great Family Patriarch

For those of you who follow me on my WBMW Facebook Page, you might recall that I shared my decision to participate in the BYU-Idaho Pathway Program this year. I’m happy to report that so far (about two weeks in), it’s been a very positive experience. In my religion course, by assignment, I prayerfully read the Book of Mormon for 30 minutes each day and record personal insights. I also have the opportunity of attending weekly “Gatherings” with other Pathway students in my area to discuss course material where we both teach and learn from each other. I can’t tell you how wonderful it has been to be immersed in the scriptures, once again, similar to when I was teaching seminary a few years ago. I love it!

Now, what I didn’t tell you (because I had no idea) was that as part of the Learning Model used in Pathway we are to find a creative way to teach what we have learned outside of class (I think weekly). Blogging is on the approved list of how to accomplish this assignment. Can you believe that? Now I don’t know if my instructor will allow me to use this platform on a regular basis but I really hope so. I can’t think of anything more awesome than to bring two things I love together (learning the gospel and writing), and by assignment get to share with all of you. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Video: What to Do When Kids See Internet Pornography?

It's not if, but when our children will be exposed to Internet pornography. I think this is a fear that most parents have a great concern about because it's nearly impossible to shield children from everything they may come in contact with online -- as much as we do our best to protect them. So I want to share with you this fantastic video on LDS.org so you and your kids are prepared.

The video does an excellent job of teaching children what to do when they come upon pornography on the Internet. I think this is a great resource for a Family Home Evening to hopefully hit this issue before the fact and arm your family. And if it's already happened, then hopefully this will open a door for discussion.

Video description: "The challenges that children face today related to pornography are tremendous, but armed with the right information about what to do when they encounter it, they can successfully overcome the challenge and lead safe, happy lives."

Church Warns Members About Julie Rowe's "Prepper" Book: A Greater Tomorrow

A concern that I've had for quite sometime is the hyper-interest in prepping for a doomsday scenario by many good members of the Church. One reason for this heightened activity is due to a number of spurious pieces of literature (books) gaining traction as highly credible. What's most disturbing is that these books, and their authors, are often treated as more enlightened than the inspired council of Prophets and Apostles on the topics of emergency preparedness and the Second Coming.

One particular book written by a member of the Church, Julie Rowe, has caught the attention of the CES Department of the Church (those who oversee LDS Seminary and Institute programs) and because of its growing influence among these so-called "Prepper" Mormons (I believe), a need to make a bold statement about its credibility has become necessary. This caution has been issued to all seminary and institute personnel throughout the Church:

Publication Caution: A Greater Tomorrow: My Journey Beyond the Veil Additional Information: [August 31, 2015] In 2014, Spring Creek Book Company published A Greater Tomorrow: My Journey Beyond the Veil by Julie Rowe (see shaded box for Amazon’s description of the book). Although Sister Rowe is an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, her book is not endorsed by the Church and should not be recommended to students or used as a resource in teaching them. The experiences she shares are her own personal experiences and do not necessarily reflect Church doctrine or they may distort Church doctrine.

Bottom line, the book "A Greater Tomorrow: My Journey Beyond the Veil" by Julie Rowe is considered by the Church "spurious materials in circulation" and likely should be avoided.

Legalizing Assisted Suicide: Where does LDS Church Stand?

legalizing assisted suicide californa
Today in my home state, "The California Assembly approved legislation that would allow terminally ill patients to legally end their lives, sending the proposal to the state Senate that is expected to endorse it" as reported by the Associated Press. The idea of assisted suicide just sickens me. Apparently lawmakers voted 42-33 after concluding what is said to have been a "lengthy and emotional debate" where many "invoked their religious faith in arguing for and against the legislation."

You may recall the Brittany Maynard case that brought the issue to the forefront of mainstream America. Maynard, a California resident, had terminal cancer. Before taking her own life, she spent her last days advocating for the legalization of assisted suicide, or the right-to-die. She held that she was forced to move to Oregon (no choice) where she could legally take her life. She believed that she had that right and so should you. So much so, that the legacy of her short life is that government is greater than God.