Video: What to Do When Kids See Internet Pornography?

It's not if, but when our children will be exposed to Internet pornography. I think this is a fear that most parents have a great concern about because it's nearly impossible to shield children from everything they may come in contact with online -- as much as we do our best to protect them. So I want to share with you this fantastic video on so you and your kids are prepared.

The video does an excellent job of teaching children what to do when they come upon pornography on the Internet. I think this is a great resource for a Family Home Evening to hopefully hit this issue before the fact and arm your family. And if it's already happened, then hopefully this will open a door for discussion.

Video description: "The challenges that children face today related to pornography are tremendous, but armed with the right information about what to do when they encounter it, they can successfully overcome the challenge and lead safe, happy lives."

Video: What Should I Do When I See Pornography?

Three things kids can do, as suggested in the video when they encounter Internet pornography:

  1. Say what it is; it’s pornography! 
  2. Turn it off or turn away immediately.
  3. Talk to an adult you trust. 
I think this message included in the video is so important to get across to our children:

Just because you saw pornography and just because it made you curious or interested, doesn't mean you're a bad person. Remember that many people love you. Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father love you no matter what.


Kathryn Skaggs  

Photo source: screenshot taken fromvideo

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