Motherhood and Mothers Who Long to Have Children

Updated: A lot has happened since last Mother's Day, when I invited some amazing women to guest post on WBMW to share their personal thoughts about motherhood and being a Latter-day Saint woman. One in particular, the launch of my latest online endeavor to gather likeminded LDS women, the Mormon Women Stand Facebook page. (MWS)

As I was reflecting on these many wonderful posts by some of the most incredible Mormon women I've come to know over the last few years, it is of note, I think, that five are among those whom I invited to stand with me on MWS. And among those, is Angela Fallentine, my Co-founder. How blessed I feel to know these powerful women and to now work collaboratively to "without hesitation, sustain the Lord's Prophet, the Family Proclamation as doctrine and our divine role as covenant women for Christ." (See MWS mission statement.)

And so, I take this opportunity to repost this post to highlight and honor, each of these, my sisters in Christ, and in particular, some of the voices, now, behind Mormon Women Stand. (Noted in red.)

Original Post: Happy Mother's Day! To every woman, I honor this divine nature, which God has placed within us to mother and to be mothers. It is truly what is beautiful about being a woman and what makes us unique and distinct from our male counterpart. It's the part of me that I love best about myself. It's the part of me that has made me stretch the most, because it has exposed the parts of me where I was my weakest; and thank God, those weak fibers were malleable when the pressure of humility was forced upon them long and hard enough -- though painful at times. Mother as student: you don't want to go backwards and do it again, but you wouldn't give back the lessons either, if you had to give back what you've learned -- the value beyond measure. Twenty six letters are not adequate to express my thoughts and feelings about my own five beautiful children and the joy they bring to my life. They are my everything... along with my eternal companion.

I often think, how could anyone who believes in God possibly imagine that He would create this beautiful world, allow us to deeply fall in love with someone, bring children into this world together, form families and love them enough to give our lives for them, and then... done. What? No. That's not how it goes. 

Eternal families are what Heavenly Father intends for our families to become. Our relationships are to last beyond this life, because they began before this life. Every mother who holds her new infant child in her arms knows that she is not meeting some foreigner. The depth of love we feel from the very beginning for our children began long ago and will continue throughout eternity because families are forever...

I've thoroughly enjoyed the overwhelming response to the invitation that I extended to the incredible women who have graced this blog over the last few days; in total, 12, including my own. (links to other entries included at the bottom of this post) I've been touched by their insights, faith and humor, but also their unwavering commitment to home and family above all other endeavors. To me, that is what sets this group of women apart and is why I chose to bring them before you, to honor womanhood and mothers.

Along with each of their posts, they have included a small bio, which was intentional. I hope that you've taken note of what these women do in their lives; alongside of raising their families as their number one priority. In each case, these sister's lives are living testimonies of the principles that they profess. Not one of them would ever presume to make an example of themselves. Nevertheless, they are willing to be 'out there' and stand for the right, in their own unique way.

My final guest blogger, by now, should be familiar to most of you, Angela Fallentine. What you don’t' know about Angela though, is that she has not, yet, been able to conceive; making Mother's Day, as it is for many women, who for various reasons are not able to have children a very difficult day. This woman continues to give me cause to be grateful that we have become friends.

Angela's courage, strength and faith in the Lord, stand alongside the likes of Esther. It truly is a privilege to know her.

On this Mother's Day, I honor Angela Peterson Fallentine, in her walk along the path of discipleship...