How to Watch and Share March 2014 General Women's Meeting

LDS General Women’s Meeting information: The First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced that beginning March 29, 2014 all female members will meet together, semi-annually, to hear from each of the three general auxiliary presidents and a member of the First Presidency.

The new General Women’s Meeting replaces the former annual broadcasts for the Relief Society and Young Women, and includes all female members, 8 year's and up -- symbolizing a spiritual unity among the women of the Church and a celebratory "togetherness" in the great work of salvation.

Update: Text from LDS General Women's Meeting is now available here.

Ways to engage online, through social media, during the General Women's Meeting: 

I believe that social media is an important tool that members of the Church can use to shine the light of truth globally, and what better opportunity for us to do just that, than when we have our worldwide conferences where light and truth literally rain down upon us!

You should know then, that the official hashtag for the General Women's Meeting, which you can either follow and/or use when posting on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Google Plus: #womensmeeting 

The new General Women's Meeting is expected to be an historic event, for a number of reasons --not the least of which is the likelihood that it will be the largest gathering of women, EVER! 

I'd like to invite all of us to use the power of social media to share this event, online, both before and during the meeting. 

Let's post pictures of ourselves, together with those we are attending the meeting with, in whatever way that might be for you, everywhere online -- including a brief thought -- using the meeting hashtag: #womensmeeting For myself, I will be attending 'somehow' with on of my daughters and two granddaughters. (We will be at Yosemite National Park this weekend, so wish me luck either finding wifi or a local chapel to watch the broadcast.)

Follow the General Women's meeting on these official LDS Church social media accounts:

Twitter: @LDSChurch.  

Way to share the General Women's Meeting via social media:

The Church provides wonderful ways for us to share the General Women's Meeting with friends and family - my favorite, this video:

Video Invitation:
General Women's Meeting

Join the General Women's Meeting Facebook event, here, and invite other.
Check out the great covers images for Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, here
And we can't forget memes! 
List of ways to watch the General Women's meeting, live:
BYU-tv Video and audio in English only. BYU-tv International Video and audio in Spanish and Portuguese Video in 16 languages Video and audio in English and Spanish Mormon Channel mobile apps Mormon Channel YouTube platform Video in English, Spanish, and Portuguese Video in English only  Mormon Channel available on Roku. 
I'll continue to update this post... 
Kathryn Skaggs Read more about the new General Women's Meeting and other important updates happening within the women's auxiliaries of the LDS Church: Church News: Increasing sisterhood: Leaders announce global training, international boards General Presidents Discuss Auxiliary Changes in New Video Mormon Newsroom: 


  1. What a neat experience this will be for the sisters of the Church. For years, we men have enjoyed ice cream socials and chili dinners with our sons prior to Priesthood. I am so thrilled that our wonderful mothers can now have this bonding experience with the daughters and granddaughters.
    I will be blessed to attend this session in one of our branches that our stake president has asked me to preside at. I see it as a time to bond with my favorite Relief Society sister: my wife.

  2. I haven't been able to post on your previous blog posts due to "no comments allowed" but I want to say that you have the same rights that everyone else has- First, you have the right to your opinions and beliefs. Second, you have freedom of speech. Third, I find it very interesting that those who accused you of being "intolerant" and full of "hatred" could not see that they were displaying even worse "hatred" and "intolerance" with their vicious and cruel words. It was inexcusable the way people treated you in response to your post. You did not deserve it. I have only felt goodness and kindness from the LDS faith- not always from all the members. It is sad so many LDS members who disagreed with you, responded to you in such an un-Christian like manner. The Women's Conference sounds like it will be uplifting and worthwhile. I hope you can find a way to watch it live. Thank you for the invitation.

  3. We are having our Relief Society Birthday Party with dinner right before the broadcast, and hoping to make a big night of it. I like to be together with as many sister as I can to watch the broadcasts as it helps me feel both a spirit of unity and like I'm part of something grand and glorious.


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