Mormonism's Obsession with How Families are Formed

All human beings have the essential need to be strongly connected to others for life, in order to experience meaningful relationships and ultimately to feel unconditional love.

When this need is not met with some degree of satisfaction, a person will generally experience a sense of detachment from people in general, mild to severe depression, and worst of all feel unloved. Each of us belong to the Family of God and have felt His perfect love in abundance. The undetected, spiritual remembrance of such love, instilled within every human heart, is a blessing from God intended to bring forth the desire, in every individual, to form their own family, in order to become like Him.

In this life then, it is natural for us to have a need to reconnect with the truth of who we really are - a child of God. Without the knowledge of our former existence and divine destiny (or testimony of such), many of our brothers and sisters have been persuaded to accept the current, progressive ideology that either a mother or a father is not necessary in the forming of a strong family; now being distorted in its 'modern' definition as two adults of any gender, legally bound (or not) who bring children into that coupling through various means, including adoption, surrogacy or laws created to support the distortion of what constitutes the natural, ideal family unit.  The result of which, is that the inherent entitlement of every child born is completely disregarded for the demands of a minority.

"Heavenly Father has made each of us unique. No two of us have exactly the same experiences. No two families are alike. So it is not surprising that advice about how to choose happiness in family life is hard to give. Yet a loving Heavenly Father has set the same path to happiness for all of His children. Whatever our personal characteristics or whatever will be our experiences, there is but one plan of happiness. That plan is to follow all the commandments of God." ~ President Henry. B. Eyring, October 2013 General Conference

The adversary is acutely aware of our pre-earth existence

Satan knows that his work is greatly threatened whenever the veil of forgetfulness is pierced, even momentarily, giving the forgetful son or daughter of God inklings of spiritual remembrance, which will likely cause them to pause and consider the possibility of something more, and often because of how they've tried or are trying to unknowingly recreate their former family experience, which perhaps, for one reason or another, isn't working so well.

Therefore, Satan places his greatest emphasis on undermining God's plan of happiness, centered in the family, by directing a concerted effort in the blatant distortion of, not only what constitutes a family, but also relationships between men and women set apart by God, for distinct and important purposes, in order to bring about their exaltation.
Therefore, we credit him as the author of divorce, demands for gender equality, same-sex marriage, adoption of children to gay couples, and in fact, every social and cultural ideology to redefine the family and what is marriage, which have come about with the intent to abolish the necessity and importance of the traditional family in society.

Currently, Satan's work appears to be effective as his lies are successfully embedded into the minds of the liberal media through politics, pop culture, entertainment, social science, etc., enabling his voice to strongly influence worldwide thought. The result being, a perceived, broad and negative attitude surrounding all things having to do with family, marriage, gender, equality, etc., having any basis in religious beliefs and moral values as both antiquated and not welcome in the public square of intellectual opinion.

Satan's work is completely anti-Christ in every possible way. God's work is to bring to pass the salvation of each of His children, through the plan of happiness, whereby exaltation is fixed and immovable for every one of His children born into mortality; accomplished through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

Satan's refusal to accept that the Work God Commissioned of Jesus Christ is "finished"!

At the completion of the work (Atonement), that God commissioned His Son Jesus Christ to accomplish, by an oath and covenant (the subject of an upcoming post in the works), while hanging on the cross at Calvary, having taken upon himself the sins of all mankind in Gethsemane, Jesus, in agony, uttered these words, "It is finished".

Immediately after He spoke those blessed words, our Savior gave up His perfect life as a spotless sacrifice for every brother and sister belonging to the family of God, thus fulfilling His Father's will; ensuring that all of mankind are saved and Exaltation is assured for all of God's children. 

The God-given use of individual agency is the power to claim our Exaltation; fixed and immovable through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Finished. Done. Satan has no authority by which anything he does can affect the victory of Jesus Christ over physical and spiritual death. Nor can Satan's power to influence us to choose evil take away the ability of a single soul to receive exaltation; unless a person chooses to give Satan their power by choosing him (evil) - the exact opposite of what we all fought for in the war in heaven.

In order for each child of God to claim their Exaltation (waiting at pick-up) they must once again choose God's "Finished" work, over Satan's lies (the world), in word and in deed; spiritually and physically.

Two Witnesses

Every person born (ability to progress) into mortality claimed (inherited), by keeping (choosing God), our first estate: first, the continued use of our God-given agency to make a choice between right or wrong... and second, a physical body, in order to act on a choice made. The purpose: to learn from the consequence of our choices to know good from evil and determine to choose the good, or rather God. (read about plan of happiness)

Here's another way to look at it... as a spirit in our pre-mortal state, through the exercise of God-given agency (self-will), we all made a conscience choice to follow Jesus Christ, in opposition to the reason that war broke out in heaven: Satan's rebellion against God's plan, presented to us by Jesus.

Using Agency to Choose God 

In choosing the Savior Jesus Christ, over Satan, our Heavenly Father (author of plan) added upon our ability to progress, an earthly experience that would help us become like our Heavenly Parents. In providing this mortal experience (opportunity to gain more knowledge), through physical birth (receive a body), we must walk by faith and choose to follow Jesus Christ, and accept His Atonement, over Satan's continued attempts to convince us of how we obtain happiness. (Good versus evil)

The conditions brought about through mortal existence provide a proving ground where our choice to follow the Savior is manifest and made acceptable by the law of witnesses, word and deed, (spiritual/agency and physical/body), in the midst of a fullness of opposition (knowledge of good and evil) in order to claim our divine destiny as sons and daughters of God.

Each of us, all brothers and sisters in the Great Family of God have been given everything necessary (agency/body/mortality), in order to claim the fullness of the blessings of God reserved for the faithful. In choosing to follow Jesus Christ and receive His plan we opened the door that enables us to make and keep sacred covenants through which God gives us power from on high, necessary for re-entry into His loving Presence to reunite with our Eternal Family, in our Heavenly Home.

Every son and daughter of God can lay hold upon our assured eternal destiny. We must exercise our agency to choose the right, or God, resulting in the natural consequence of the Atonement of Jesus Christ: Exaltation!

In a world where so many are now inclined to reject absolute truth, embracing the man-made ideology that there is no right and wrong, nor good versus evil, thus giving allowance for many to blatantly refuse to acknowledge that every choice they make (right or wrong) brings about its inevitable consequences directly related to good (God) or evil (Devil), in effect delay and/or reject at-one-ment with our Father in Heaven.

This is the reason, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is obsessed with teaching the world the importance of forming families in the way God has ordained. Everything contrary will keep us from our Father in Heaven's perfect love, and the great blessing of reuniting with the family of God. To those faithful, will be added the family we chose to create here in mortality, made Eternal.

The ultimate expression of God's perfect love for His children, is to bestow upon all those who love Him and keep His commandments, His way Life, which is Eternal, and with His Family right beside Him.

Watch this new video by, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, about the importance and blessings that come, when we choose to form families in the way God has ordained.

Mormon Video: Home and Family
The Family is central to God's plan

These are some of the doctrines and principles that I heard expressed in the video, which I believe will touch the hearts of many as we share it with friends and family, and perhaps even create the opportunity to discuss some of these things.

The Family is central to God's plan 
The Family: A Proclamation to the World, is an inspired document, which teach the core beliefs and definition of a family. The Ideal family is led by a father and a mother in the home 
Single parents are blessed through their membership in the Church, which connects them to the family of God, and where they receive needed help and encouragement.
Being a faithful member of the Church connects us to God's family. 
God cares about marriage and family, because He cares about how we raise and teach our children. 
God cares about how we treat our husband or wife. 
Families built upon correct principles here, have the potential to become an eternal family. 
The true source of happiness is found in the family as God has ordained. 
What people often see in happy families, formed God's way, is their testimony of eternal life. 
Taking time to study the gospel together builds a strong family. 
Our families are the great defense against the outside world.

"With the help of the Holy Ghost, all truths will be brought to our remembrance. We cannot force that on others, but we can let them see it in our lives. We can always take courage from the assurance that we all once felt the joy of being together as a member of the beloved family of our Heavenly Father. With God’s help we can all feel that hope and that joy again." ~ President Henry B. Eyring


Kathryn Skaggs

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  1. I think this is profoundly simple. Thanks for sharing it. It really does just come down to choice. A couple of years ago, as I was trying to turn over and shape in my mind why advocating for or at least preserving the traditional family is so important in light of so many different alternatives presented as acceptable by the world, I just thought, the way the world is going, no one will ever remain single anymore. There is such a desire to be connected that if you reject the knowledge that there is a God-given way to form and perpetuate a family, everything is open to you to fulfill that longing to escape loneliness, whether that is acting on temporary attractions, both to the opposite sex and the same sex. In rejecting the centuries-old notion that we form the relationships that most fulfill that longing with the opposite sex, suddenly we have the whole population, not just half of it, to choose from to fulfill that longing--I know that's being simplistic about some of the struggles some have, but those struggles don't just come to those who have attractions to the same sex. In the end, it is all about whether we will we choose His plan to fulfill that longing to be connected, doing all we can to fulfill it in His way, no matter what we have to fight against to do that, be it loneliness and singleness, unfulfilled expectations and longings, or attractions that have to be dealt with in what they are, manifestations of the natural man, or will we not. I did not marry until I was 32, so even though I didn't have to experience being single as long as many others, I know it's not an easy road. And I also know that just because we marry doesn't mean we don't have to choose to remain faithful, no matter what other feelings may intervene (and that works the other way--just because we have other feelings that intervene does not mean we can't marry and feel totally fulfilled in that, and thus fulfill Heavenly Father's plan in His way). It is all about choice, about choosing the hard road when the "usual" is either denied or does not feel as natural, because that is the Lord's plan for this earth, which is all about forming and perpetuating families and working to offer and hoping they choose exaltation that comes only through Christ. Thanks for writing this. I need to save it and my comment.

    1. Beautiful, Christine. So well said.

      It 'is' simple and profound what God offers every one of His children, made possible through His Son Jesus Christ, our Savior and Redeemer. It only makes sense, doesn't it - that God would promise to give anything to us, that He does not already possess.

      Our loving God, anxiously stands ready to bestow upon all those who have kept the agreed upon terms of covenants we have willingly entered into with Him, that which He has promised. And oh, how He wants all of His children to make these same covenants with Him!

      How we choose to form our families, is one of the most important decisions we make here in mortality. Because of eternal consequences, when a family is formed traditionally, that unit, whether it is understood or not, from its foundation is in compliance with the order of God and has every chance of becoming eternal. When we choose to marry as ordained by God, whether we know it or not, each spouse has made a decision compliant with the order of God and together they are on the path of Exaltation.

      It is a difficult job, without this eternal perspective, to convince most of the necessity to form families, which are in compliance with God's will. It is nearly as difficult, with the current trends, to convince those who feel, or want, that families can be formed in whatever way works for them, without any negative consequences -- and not only that, have accepted that these 'other' ways to find joy is possible. Although there will be initial happiness in acquiring our 'wants', true 'needs' met will be found lacking in time…

      The power to experience joy in this life, which is possible, is to use our agency in choosing what is right, according to the light we receive from God even when we don't have anything to prove it. There is no question in my mind, whatsoever, that the defensive/angry responses that those who advocate for the traditional family receive from those who want contrary, are in effect rebelling against the light of Christ which they have received. If what is advocated is simply a preference, why become so defensive and supportive of movements to remove religion from the public square? Silence greatly enables our ability to ignore a thing.

      We are God's children, and to think for a moment that our divine nature does not incline us to innately discern good and evil is the epitome of pride. Such a course, literally denies God and His Laws.

  2. It is profoundly simple. TOO simple. It doesn't take into account the many intersexed people in the world with female presentation in every way but XY chromosomes or vice versa. Or all the other people intersexed in other ways. It doesn't take into account anthropological findings around the world. It doesn't take into account biology. It doesn't take into account evolution. It doesn't take into account at least hundreds of things.

    It is a story fit for a child's understanding. It is a story that best suits uneducated and selectively-educated people. It is Stage Three faith.

    1. You're right, Natasha, "it is profoundly simple". But I disagree that it is "too simple".

      The premise of this post, simply put, is that, no matter our circumstances in this life, if we make choices according to God's will and commandments, the work of the Atonement, through Jesus Christ, which ensures that our Exaltation is fixed and immovable - ready for pick-up - is waiting for us.

      My experience, is that these thought require deep meditation to fully grasp what is suggested. I think that's because we as adults tend to complicate God's plan with too many "ifs", "ands" or "buts", which suggest that such truths aren't possible, when in fact they "are" - in the present a reality.

      It is interesting that you would use a "child" to suggest ignorance on the part of those who accept the doctrine and principles I've applied here, seeing as it is the Savior who said the we must become "like" little children, for such is the kingdom of God. He goes on to list the attributes that children naturally possess. The few that come to mind: meek, humble, submissive to all things that Father in Heaven inflicts upon them, etc. I'm totally paraphrasing, but I'm sure you're familiar with the scriptural reference.

      And then there's the verses in the BOM that talks about those who are learned (intellectual) that think they are wise, and because of that they don't hearken to God's counsel. Then it goes on to say it's because they think they know better than God.

      Anyway, those two scriptures popped into my head when I read your comment. I like what Pres. Eyring said, which is included in the post. I'll give you the actual quote on this one since it's so handy.

      "Heavenly Father has made each of us unique. No two of us have exactly the same experiences. No two families are alike. So it is not surprising that advice about how to choose happiness in family life is hard to give. Yet a loving Heavenly Father has set the same path to happiness for all of His children. Whatever our personal characteristics or whatever will be our experiences, there is but one plan of happiness. That plan is to follow all the commandments of God."

      I believe what is said in that quote, and if that means my understanding of the plan only allows the kind of faith, which parallels that of a little child, then so be it. I'm fine with those results.

  3. I can't understand how any member of the church could believe that gender equality is of Satan. The Proclamation says husbands and wives are supposed to help each other as EQUAL partners. James Faust said that every man is to his family a patriarch, every mother a matriarch CO-EQUALS in their respective roles. I think you're a little confused about the difference between gender equality and the philosophy of men that there are no God given gender-assigned responsibilities whatsoever. Jesus Christ believes in gender equality and so do the leaders of His church.

    1. Hi Abigayle,

      I don't "believe" the way in which the world" advocates gender equality is of God. And when I say "world" I mean Satan.

      The meaning of gender equality in society, is intended to erase the God-given roles and differences, which make us male and female, equal before the eyes of God, and for His purposes -- which is to make us 'whole' through the Atonement of Jesus Christ having both saved and exalted all of His Children who choose Him. The Proclamation teaches the importance of gender, and that it is eternal, therefore having purpose and significants in the pre-existence, here in mortality, and after this life.

      The philosophy behind the "world" (Satan's), desire to distort gender is to advocate that gender is sameness, producing a lie that is accepted as truth in order for individuals to justify and claim entitlement to that which is contrary to God. The lie: If male and female are the same they are entitled to equally have access to the same "everything", lest they are being discriminated against; even challenging natural order. This lie has found its way into every distinction of sex inside and outside of the Church.

      Therefore, gender, or sex distinctions, previously regarded of moral value, including how marriages and families are formed - the emphasis of this post - now excuse the necessary differences in the sexes in order to legally act on individual wants and desires.

      Sadly, this distortion has taken hold and SSM is becoming widely accepted as normal, denying children their natural birthright to be raised with both a mother and father. The results of this distortion of gender, in the name of equality, or sameness, is directly oppositional to the plan of salvation.

      I've gone ahead and added a few links to this post if you or anyone else would like clarification on what I mean when I say, "demand for gender equality", so as there is no misunderstanding.

      Thanks for your comment. It provided a way for me clarify, for those who misunderstand that I am referring to the world's interpretation of "gender equality" and certainly not the inherent equality of all of God's children.