Instagram Great Gran Day: Lilly Viola Malm Clark #IGGday

If you missed the memo, today we are launching the 2013 Family Proclamation Celebration by inviting all of you to post photos of your ancestors on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc., and add a small hashtag, which allows others to find your post - and for you to see what others have posted. (Click on the above FPC link for more details and join in on the fun!)

Today, I am honoring my Grandma Clark - Lilly Viola Malm Clark - the kindest person I have ever known, and the person who taught me to love the gospel of Jesus Christ (Mormonism) simply through her personal faith in its restored truths, and her life of service as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

My Grandma Clark is the reason I am an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and I will eternally be grateful for having been sealed to her, through her and my grandfather's adoption of my mother!

I have no doubt that she is, beyond the veil, a very active part of my life, and that of each of my children and grandchildren.

Lilly was the second wife to my grandfather, who had four children with his first wife, who passed away as a young mother. My grandmother could not have children of her own, and so my mother was adopted and is her own special baby! She is a saint and  I love her dearly!

Lilly Viola Malm
Born December 2, 1905

Head on over to Chocolate on my Cranium and Mormon Mommy Blogs, my partners in this Family Proclamation Celebration, to see what they're up to today!


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  1. What a faithful woman (plus, Lilly Viola is a beautiful name!). Thanks for doing such great work promoting the Family Proclamation and family history!

    1. She was/is a dear and great example in my life. And I, too, love the name Lilly Viola! I was so pleased when one of my daughters' named her daughter, Lilly. What is also fun, is that my grandmother had beautiful curls, as does my sweet grandgirl!

      It's a privilege to assist to celebrate this prophetic document. : )


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