UPDATED: 10 Tips for Tweeting #LDSConf on Twitter

This is big.  I mean this is really really BIG!  This weekend the unofficial #TwitterStake, who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints  Mormon, will once again gather to tweet and share  General Conference  -- using the hash tag #LDSConf.  And for those of you who don't already know this, these Mormons are very good at what they do!  And if you don't believe me, check out what Deseret News had to say about the efforts of this amazing group of digital missionaries, just a few years ago when we began our early efforts, HERE!

I really enjoy tweeting #LDSConf, and as we've done this for a few years now, I've given some thought about how we can do it more effectively. We continually want to create the most positive experience we can, for those not of our faith, who follow our online conversations when we share the gospel.  Because frankly, that's why most of us do it.

One of the fun things about tweeting General Conference on Twitter, is getting noticed by the larger online community, referred to as trending. This is accomplished by sending out a huge number of 140 character tweets, accompanied by the hash tag #LDSConf.   As the number of Mormons tweeting the conference increases, we need to make sure that the tweets that go out with the hash tag #ldsconf attached, are quality.  With that in mind, here are some tips and suggestion for tweeting #LDSConf on Twitter...

10 Tips for Tweeting #LDSConf on Twitter
(try saying that 10 times - dare ya!)

1.  For those following the hash tag #LDSConf let's try to keep the stream loaded with quality content specific to the conference. 

2.  Avoid excessive idle chatter using the #LDSConf hash tag. 

3.  If you must chat, drop the #LDSConf hash tag. That way, for those who decide to check out what #LDSConf is all about, they will find an amazing stream of inspired content that makes sense!

4.  DO use the hash tag #TwitterStake to chat with other Mormons on Twitter!   

5.  Tweet #LDSConf with a purpose -- to share the gospel with those outside of our faith.

6.  If you tweet over 120 characters it makes retweeting difficult.

7.  Resist urge to tweet every six seconds...  ; )

8.  Share personal feelings about #LDSConf alongside tweeting the conference message.

9.  Consider sharing LDS resources throughout the conference, i.e. LDS.org, Mormon.org, Mormon Messages, etc...  

10.  NEW: Don't apologize to your followers for tweeting General Conference. If you've followed these guidelines you shouldn't feel it necessary. (think about it) Let your followers know what you're doing by educating them, via this link: "What is General Conference" and then assume they have benefited from what you have shared.  Remember: You are doing a great work! So, take it seriously -- and do it well. : )

Have fun! And when I say have fun, I mean it.  I'll be the first to admit that I'm just as guilty as the next tweep for adding to the chatter on Twitter, but I also see the need to try and better focus on the overall purpose that we tweet #LDSConf.   I also love the connection that we as members develop as we go about this work, and in particular, the humor that we toss back and forth.  It's a balance really.  We want to accomplish our purpose, while at the same time connect and have fun with each other.  I think we can do both, if we just keep the BIG picture in mind as we tweet...

FYI: Jesse Stay shared this with me:"In addition to #ldsconf, which typically has mostly English Tweets than other languages, the website okespanol.com, owned by Deseret Digital Media (a Church-owned entity), will be live-tweeting General Conference in Spanish to a Spanish-speaking audience. They will tweet from the Twitter account, @okespanol, and will encourage Spanish-speaking members to use the hashtag #soysud."

Kathryn Skaggs
a.k.a. @LDSNana


  1. I'm not an experience tweeter! So this was great!

  2. @Jocelyn -

    No experience necessary! Have fun and I'll see you there!


  3. I'll just add a few things:

    Be careful of what links you click on--once #ldsconf becomes a trending topic the trolls come out.

    Vary your tweets: post favorite quotes, ask questions, link to previous/similar talks, share relevant scripture links, ask for clarification, make a joke, respond to other #ldsconf tweeter, summarize talk in 140 characters, rephrase the talk as if you were explaining it to someone outside our church, post link to a storify of the most recent talk or a relevant image macro, invitation to connect in other places (e.g. be sure to check out this Google+ circle and this Facebook group), etc. etc.

  4. These are AWESOME suggestions! Can I add a couple more?

    I have found it helpful to use Hootsuite or Tweetdeck for General Conference to focus what I'm seeing on the screen. I set up search terms as columns for related terms like #ldsconf, ldsconf, lds, so they are all easily viewed in real-time on a single screen. With Tweetdeck, I can also toggle #ldsconf posts between Twitter and Facebook (and hopefully G+)

    I set up @replies to send an alert to my cell, which is by my side during General Conference. @replies are people who are responding to my tweets, which could either be an answer to a question I've asked or a Tweep who wants to know what #ldsconf is all about. I've had missionary opportunities presented to me for the past 5 #ldsconf and I don't want to miss them!

    I also have a lot of free monitoring and analytics tools set up during General Conference but that's mostly for my own (geeky) curiosity.

  5. Hi Nana! Congrats on having this post featured in the MormonTimes BBB today. I find the whole Tweeting phenom facinating. I can't quite keep up with the pace, but I'm excited that it is being used as another great missionary tool. Have a fantastic Conference Weekend! - Love, MoSop

  6. Great suggestions everyone! Thanks for taking the time to add them.

    @Lori - I like Tweetdeck. It's a great platform for following a number of searches on Twitter. I use TweetGrid myself, to follow various keyword and hash tags.

    @MormonSoprano - I saw that! Thanks! You have a great conference weekend, too! And if you're singing, I'll listen for you! ; )

  7. Thanks, Kathryn! I think we needed some guidelines... I stopped using twitter during conference because it seemed to get too overwhelming. Hopefully this will help make it a better experience.

  8. WBMW, thank you for the timely advice. I, and my fellow tweeters, will be using your guidelines to share the gospel in my tweets today and tomorrow.

  9. Here is an etiquette and reverence question: How do the speakers feel with the audience all "a twitter"?

    1. Good question. I don't believe people actually tweet inside the conference center. Most do it from their homes. I suppose some might, but I wouldn't recommend it.

  10. Thanks for the helpful suggestions.

    1. My pleasure, Larry. And thanks for sharing them over on LDS Media Talk.


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