The Only True Source of Comfort and Peace

The only true source of comfort and peace to the sorrows, the losses and the soul wrenching pains of mortality is through Jesus Christ. And as difficult as it may seem for us to understand, it is during these times that human nature is prone to seek for a source greater than self to be comforted when there are no reasonable answers, or solace to be found. When we are tormented with grief unspeakable, asking questions where seemingly no answers are to be found.

I think of this as each of us having a sort of homing beacon, planted deep inside. I believe our spirits innately know there is more, and therefore there is a constant yearning, imperceptible, until the answer appears before us. And when it does, it is pure revelation. Light. And that, to me, is what happens in how the gospel of Jesus Christ often comes into individual lives for the very first time. It comes when a person is prepared. It comes because they need it. It comes because they will value it. It comes because they will recognize it. It comes to provide answers. It comes to comfort. It comes because of faith.

He comes to heal.

As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) we are so, so very blessed with a perspective that is truly beyond this life; that enables us to find comfort and peace when the sorrows of mortality become nearly unbearable.

Through the Atonement and Resurrection of Jesus Christ we will live again, with a sure knowledge that all things will be made right. But we also have a wonderful understanding of God's Plan of Happiness, which gives us understanding of His overall eternal plan for families. This goes beyond what other Christian faiths teach about life after death, and can bring great comfort to those who have cause to mourn.

Like many of you, my heart is heavy for those who are suffering at this time. Many tears have been shed. I have no words that can adequately express my sorrow for what too many are going through. There are no reasonable explanations that would offer comfort. Only prayers, and more prayers for children returned too early to their heavenly home -- who will not be home for Christmas with their families.

Yet, because of my knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ, I am turned to Him for comfort and peace.   Only He can make all that is wrong, and evil, and hurtful, and unfair, and disappointing, and sad about mortality, eventually made glorious! As hard as that is to imagine in times of deep sorrow. And for that, I am profoundly grateful. Personally, my Christmas will be different this year, for many reasons --  but events of this week are the clincher.

It will be a little more sober. Not without rejoicing, because the Atonement heals the seriousness of life in the end. The Victory. Children will still laugh and make us forget, for a moment, the sorrow of the little ones not with us any longer. (We can't allow evil to rob us of joy.) Santa will still come with gifts to remind us of the Greatest Gift of All. But this year...this year will be different.

Mortality is setting in... The times are speeding up. The new year will bring greater challenges. More will be brought to Christ through adversity. The Lord is hastening His work. The train will leave many behind. Lamps need to be kept lit. Temples our refuge.

As evil increases, the Lord will use that to bring His children to Him. It is the law of opposition and it is magnificent! It requires of those who follow Him an increase of faith -- as things don't always appear as they really are. With those who have eyes to see, you shall!

This year, this Christmas, as I ponder upon that baby, lying in the manger, I will, more so than ever before, humbly and reverently, understand that He truly is KING OF ALL KINGS!

Kathryn Skaggs

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  1. Thank you, Kathryn, for more eloquently putting my thoughts into words. I appreciate your willingness to put yourself out there. Thank you for your blog. Cathy

  2. How do you do this? You help me understand what I'm feeling better than I can! And I so much agree that Jesus is truly the only reliable source of comfort and peace. My goodness, you say things well. Thank you!


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