Watch Mormon General Conference on NEW Free Mobile App!

The NEW LDS LIVE General Conference App is AWESOME and it's FREE! Just launched today, there is nothing else like it. Not only can you watch Mormon General Conference (Did I say live?) on your Apple device (iPhone and iPad) but you can also tweet about what you're watching via the Twitter functionality within the app -- using the hashtag #LDSconf -- and follow what others are saying about General Conference! This is great news if you happen to be a General Conference social media junkie -- like me!

Developer Paul Wilson had this to say about the new Live General Conference App:

There are apps that share the talks from past conferences (we even have one), but when it comes to streaming live video, ours is the only app I am aware of. However, it is currently only available for Apple devices. The Church does offer an app for conference, but it only streams audio, not video. With our app not only can you watch conference in-app, but if you have an Apple TV device you can also push it to your television. Best of all, we added the option to allow the #ldsconf Twitter stream (or any hashtag you choose) to update in real time. You can tweet directly from our app and share live tweets with others. 

Watching TV and going to events has become social. We wanted to let you socially engage with others watching conference without having to jump from Twitter to conference. Hopefully, by adding these features some cyber missionary work can take place at the same time. I should also clearly state that this app is free and without any annoying ads (and we will always keep it this way). 

Go right now and download the new LIVE General Conference App -- HERE!  And make sure to let your family and friends know about it!

Kathryn Skaggs

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  1. Definitely cool, but there was an option for the video before also just to let you know. The BYUtv app

  2. Kathryn- Thank you for sharing our new app with your readers. Hopefully, it will add one more way to easily enjoy conference.

  3. @Mike: I wasn't aware that the BYUtv app streamed live video for conference. When developing the Live General Conference app I looked for any LDS iOS app that streamed video to see if it also streamed conference live. I wouldn't be surprised in the least if BYUtv did, but it doesn't state it anywhere on their app description. This is part of the issue with LDS media apps, most of them cover so much content that it is hard to find something specific, such as General Conference. However, I do appreciate you sharing this. I will have to test out the app and see exactly what they offer.

  4. @Paul - Yeah I agree it is a little confusing for users out there on what the options are. It's a good thing in a way, there are kind of a lot of options now based on if you want to watch on iPad/iPhone, or Computer, or Roku, or tradition TV (based on where you live)

    The BYUtv app has it for sure because they have a live stream of their channel 24/7 and of course they play general conference when it will actually be on.

    I am an Apple Consultant and I will test out your app this time around so I can add it to my arsenal of things to recommend to clients.

  5. Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again...

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