Speaking Without Thinking

I started my morning off by listening to this talk, given by Robert S. Wood: Instruments of the Lord. I remember when he actually gave the talk and how pertinent his counsel and scriptural examples were, then, of our need to make sure we don't ever find ourselves "speaking without thinking"-- and even more so, today, in this current climate of both religious and political differences, highly intensified through the use of social media and social networking, we need to heed this counsel. I don't think we can ever be reminded, too much, of our need as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, to remember who we are, and Whom we are under convenant to remember and emulate "in all things and in all places". At least for me, I truly appreciated his message and hope that we will all be inspired to act, daily, as His instrument.

"Have we who have taken upon us the name of Christ slipped unknowingly into patterns of slander, evil speaking, and bitter stereotyping?"

Video: Instruments of the Lord

You can read the talk if you prefer.

With our encounters with others: not of our faith or opinions -- do we look upon them as a brother or sister in Christ, regardless, and treat them accordingly?

Kathryn Skaggs

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