Explosive Confirmation of Increased Numbers Applying for Missionary Service

Yesterday a tweet went out on Twitter claiming: "On average LDS Church had received 600 missionary applications per week. Last week it received 7,000." This was sent out by a member claiming that his stake president had shared this information. Members took it viral within hours. By the time I got the info it had made it to Facebook. However, there was no verification at the time and so I decided to put my personal feelers out to see if I could find out if this info was legit.

It took nearly 24 hours before the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, just minutes ago, released this official announcement via Church spokesperson Michael Purdy:

“As Church leaders had anticipated when the change was announced, the number of individuals who have begun the missionary application process has increased significantly. Typically approximately 700 new applications are started each week. The last two weeks that number has increased to approximately 4,000 per week. Slightly more than half of the applicants are women.

These are early numbers and it is difficult to say exactly where we will be over the coming months but we are grateful for the willingness of our members to make the sacrifice to serve people around the world. We recognize that Church members are interested to know additional details on the logistics of this change as discussed after the announcement and look forward to providing more details as the program moves forward.”

According to Joseph Walker at Deseret News, who emphasized that this jump in missionary applications is a 471 percent increase :

"The numbers announced Monday by Purdy validate anecdotal reports of huge numbers of prospective missionaries lining up for screening interviews with their local ecclesiastical leaders. While the details of how the new age options will change the training of new missionaries and the administration of the church's far-reaching missionary program, the one thing that seems certain that it will change. 
Interestingly, the LDS missionary program was already going through a period of growth and change. According to Elder Holland, the church's current missionary force is "a little more than 58,000" – a number that has been growing during recent years."

I'll continue to update this post as more information becomes available. This is one time when something sounded almost too good to be true --  but it is, basically, TRUE!

Kathryn Skaggs

Photo Credit: LDS.org

KSL News: LDS Church sees increase in missionary applications

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  1. SUPER Like this! This is so awesome!

    1. Yes it is, and did you note that sister submissions are slightly over the guys?

  2. Thanks for verifying. I wondered if it was really true too.

    1. When I heard it I was hoping it was was true, but had to find out for sure before I put it out there.

  3. I was initially skeptical too as the announcement I read stated that 7,000 applications had been processed in the first two weeks. That to me was unrealistic as the process of application can take months when you consider the medical and dental reports needed. But I noted that the official announcement today specifically stated that the increase of 4,000 per week is based on new applications begun, not completed. But, in all it is an amazing outcome and very exciting.

  4. Wow...that is really interesting, especially about the part where half the applicants are female.
    Exciting stuff.

  5. They will have to increase their staff to handle such an influx. I think it's going to help many more youth be successful. I'm very excited about it.


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