Confessions of a Prophet Stalker

I admit it; I'm a Prophet stalker. Yes, I religiously, and zealously, follow prophet paparazzi to find out where Mormon prophets can be seen -- and most importantly heard. Multiple times, pretty much everyday, I check LDS websites to find out where they're going, where they've been and what they've said. Some of my best sources are, the LDS Newsroom and LDS Church News

I know -- it's a sickness. I have other ways, too, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to give those up. 

I actually hang on, believing, their every words -- looking to find every morsel of prophetic counsel to; help me be a better person; know what God wants us to do in these challenging times; and I even go so far as transcribing parts of their broadcasts' and/or speaking engagements to share with my also addicted friends, here on WBMW. (Yeah, I know who you are.) And I know that's got to be illegal!

I keep waiting for the Mormon police, or a prophet themselves, to contact me personally, and politely ask me to take down those posts -- quietly. And I would do it, too!!! But so far that hasn't happened. Perhaps they're not onto me, yet?

I know that some of you, perhaps, already suspected that I have a thing for following the prophet.  Your first indication may have been the various LDS widgets that I share on my sidebar. 

Now that I’ve decided to come clean, I realize that this has all be so obvious. Some have gone so far as to call me a TBM -- that's code for "True Blue Mormon".  Guess what?  I like it when they do that! Doesn't bother me a bit. Actually, I find it kind of flattering. Is that wrong?

I know this all sounds pretty crazy, but I have a legitimate motive for deciding to be honest about my Mormon prophet addiction. Like any addiction, it requires 'enablers', and I need more of them. I want you to be just as addicted to listening to prophets as I am -- insomuch that you’ll help me get the word out, over these next few weeks, about the October 2012 General Conference ofThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – a prophet addict's Shangri-La. 

Two days of complete and utter spiritual reverie!

I’ve made all my plans to fly up to General Conference and stay a few blocks from the Conference Center. I’ll be spending the entire GC weekend sharing Mormon prophet quotes on Twitter, Google +, etc… And following up each session with a few highlights that I'll share here on WBMW

To help get the word out, you can start by sharing this great General Conference invitation video with friends and family. With so much interest in Mormonism, because of the upcoming election, this is an excellent time for anyone interested in learning more about what Mormons believe -- to find out. 

So, don't let anyone accuse you of keeping General Conference a secret -- share it!

Video: Invitation to Watch Mormon General Conference

Members and Friends of the Church Invited to Participate in October 2012 General Conference:

"The First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles invite all members and friends of the Church to participate in the 182nd Semiannual General Conference on Saturday and Sunday, October 6 and 7, 2012. 
Messages will be given by the First Presidency, members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, and other General Authorities and general officers of the Church. 
General sessions will be held on Saturday at 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., followed by the priesthood session at 6:00 p.m., mountain daylight time. Two more general sessions will be held on Sunday at 9:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. mountain daylight time; the morning session includes the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s broadcast of Music and the Spoken Word."

Kathryn Skaggs

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Satan does not have to work a large area of our lives to distract us from our desired destination. With that in mind, it has become even more important for me, personally, and I suspect all of us, to know, without a doubt, exactly where we are going and how we intend to arrive. In this way, even when our immediate view becomes temporarily clouded, without question or interruption, we can continue to press forward – without fear.


  1. So good to know I'm not the only one!

  2. Ilove this General Conference teaser! I guess I am a prophet stalker too! Although I also do pretty good at stalking the General Women leaders as well, past and present. I am super excited to get to know our new RS leaders.

    1. I figured there were a few more of us out there. : )

      BTW, notice that I did not, when mentioning prophets, make male/female distinctions. That was intentional. Prophet/prophetess -- I am no respecter of gender when it comes to receiving the Lord's words through His servants. I, too, am super excited to hear from our Women leaders in just a few weeks -- and consider the RS broadcast a part of General Conference.

  3. I had the good fortune to grow up among them. Pres. Benson was a good friend of my grandfather, who raised me, Pres. Hunter used to hang out down the street (I know the thought of a prophet 'hanging out' sounds obtuse, but they're people too, and I went deer hunting with several of the general authorities who are now old, but were younger -- when I was younger.

    I babysat Pres. McKay's Grandson (Robert's son). At the time, Robert was inactive. I'm not writing this to boast, but to share that there is a human factor. I've met Pres. Monson a number of times. On one occasion, I was asked to bodyguard him, it was a Sunday and I was reading a book, waiting for him to arrive. When he walked up to me and said, "Hi LL", he asked me what I was reading. I showed him the book, on General Nathan Bedford Forrest - and his role as a Confederate General during the War Between the States. To the chagrin of the stake presidents and church elite around him, we chatted for over two hours while driving and before a public event where he was scheduled to speak about General Forrest. This on a Sunday when, based on the sour looks of those around us, one is usually expected to discuss Church doctrine.

    I spent two weeks with President Hinkley when he toured the British Isles and I was on my mission. He was an apostle at the time.

    My point isn't that I'm just that cool. It's that to me, prophets are also men, good men, approachable men, loving men, family men, and that they're not all that different than other good and faithful men in the church. They simply have a much more weighty calling and much more accountability based on that calling.

    When people speak meanly about the prophets, I take it personally. It's as if they were speaking badly about my parents. And my reaction is just as you would expect if somebody was shouting down and blaspheming in front of my father or grandfather.

    1. LL - Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences of spending time with our sweet prophets of God. Such beautiful stories -- and I'm sure, memories for you. I don't see it as boastful.

      I also understand their humanness, and am grateful for that understanding about these men, and women, called out of the world, to serve God.

      I was thinking, after I wrote this post, how good it is that members don't really bother our prophets/general authorities when they are out and about. This post was fun to write, but I also respect these men as servants of God, and not celebrities. I don't think there is one of our general Church leaders who want people to admire/worship them in the ways of the world. They are not looking for fame -- only to lead us to Christ.

      And I take criticism of these servants very personal as well. When they speak ill or in opposition, to me, it is in opposition to my Savior and His Father. Although I'm sure They are much more thick-skinned about it than I. ; )

  4. You are amazing; I loved this post. If everyone just knew there was a prophet to follow what a different world we would live in. I too can't wait for conference very six months. Have a wonderful confrence weekend. I am enjoying follow ing your thoughts.

    1. Just having a little fun, LeAnn. But thanks for saying so. Yes, someday everyone will be willing to listen to God's words. And indeed, it will be 'heaven'. : )

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