Check Out New Widget and Resource for Answering Gospel Questions

Mormon bloggers, for quite a while, have been asking LDS tech people the golden question, when will visitors to our blogs be able to chat with LDS missionaries, directly from our blogs?

Well, guess what?  They listened. Just launched is a very cool, NEW, widget -- currently available for both Blogger and Wordpress platforms. The widget not only includes the long awaited chat with a Mormon missionary function, but you can also watch a selection of I'm a Mormon videos -- and access a simplified version of Mormon FAQ -- directly from the widget. 

In the quest to make sharing the gospel, online, as easy as possible, the widget should be a great option to all members who have personal blogs. It can easily be added to your sidebar, and allows you to keep doing whatever it is that you do, on your blog, without interruption.

Grab widget for your blog HERE

For many LDS members who have blogs that are not necessarily Mormon oriented, who would like a way to share their Mormon faith, this is an excellent way to do it.

Speaking of great resources for sharing the gospel, online, has recently launched a new section of their website to help members answer gospel questions, called: Answering Gospel Questions! “The growing prominence of the Church and the increasing inquiries from others present us with great opportunities to build bridges, make friends, and pass on accurate information.” said M. Russell Ballard.

"We wanted to supply members with some simple principles they can apply when addressing questions or comments about the gospel that may arise in their casual conversations with others.” —Michael Barber, product manager 

For more info see LDS Church News article: New Resource Helps Members Answer Gospel Questions

Needless to say, I'm very happy about these two, latest, resources for helping members share the gospel, and educate others about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, online. (Check out my sidebar >>>)

Knowing what to say in answering gospel questions is as important as how we go about it. The new resource offers great suggestions for how we can best go about interacting with others, not of our own faith, to make it a positive experience for everyone involved. 

In teaching my primary lesson, last Sunday, we discussed the great Book of Mormon missionary, Ammon. In our discussion we brought out the wonderful tools the Lord has provided for each one of us to accomplish our own mission, as members of His Church, to noise abroad the good news of the gospel. Among the greatest of these tools is faith. 

I have great faith that Jesus Christ is the Master of technology, and that as we have faith in Him and the miraculous tools that He is continually providing us to do His work, we are able to fulfill our own missions, as Latter-day Saints.

Kathryn Skaggs

WBMW on Sharing the Gospel, Online:



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