LDS Newsroom Infographic: Who Are the Mormons?

The LDS Newsroom of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, (Mormon) no doubt in response to the many inquires about our Mormon beliefs, just posted an excellent new resource titled: Mormonism 101: FAQ. This resource will help the public better understand what Mormons believe, from a credible source -- the source!

I've certainly been vocal about my own concern for how the Church is often misrepresented, not only by the media, but including some members. You can read more about that, here. Needless to say I'm very happy to have these important LDS facts bundled in one spot, from a place we can all trust.

I consider the LDS Newsroom the best resource for getting accurate and current information about the Church -- its doctrines, policies, practices and beliefs.  And yes, they are my number one go-to resource for writing about my Mormon faith.  I don't blog without them! A very close second is

From the LDS Newsroom: 

"The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the fourth largest Christian church in America. More than half of its 14 million members live outside the United States. Yet despite the faith’s growth and presence, survey results continue to show that relatively few people are familiar with Mormon beliefs. 
As an institution, the Church has the responsibility to publicly and clearly articulate its official teachings. In turn, reporters can help inform the public by accurately reporting on these doctrines. But in doing so journalists should be aware of some common pitfalls. For instance, reporters pressed for time tend to take peripheral aspects of the faith and place them front and center as if they were vital tenets of belief. Additionally, sincere commentators often overemphasize what others see as “different” about Latter-day Saints at the expense of highlighting the Church’s most fundamental doctrines in their reporting. Unfortunately, as many members attest, this kind of journalism paints a distorted picture of the Church and continues to confuse the public. 
Despite these complications, the Church welcomes honest inquiry from all types of media outlets. The Church expects journalists to be accurate and honest and to focus on the faith as it is lived and believed by its members. The Church discourages sensationalized and misleading journalism that accentuates abstract ideas that do not reflect the beliefs, teachings and practices of the Church’s global membership."

Mormonism 101 Infographic

Whether for the media, the general public, or members of the Church Mormonism 101: FAQ will be an excellent resource for obtaining credible information about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  

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Kathryn Skaggs

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  1. Brava!!! Thank you so much for posting! I for one could not have said it better myself and here you clearly have the facts! I'm loving your blog! Bless you sister.

    1. Thank you, Crystal. I'm really excited about this resource!

  2. This is interesting, about a year ago I thought that the church could use some help in the infographic department and so in the interest of sharing my beliefs online, I put together some infographics explaining some of the basic doctrines of the church. Not a lot, just a couple about the nature of God, the Atonement, the Book of Mormon, etc.

    Putting these together was difficult, because while I don't pretend to represent the Church, I wanted to make them as doctrinally sound as possible, as people unfamiliar with the church might read them and assume them to be the Church's official position. Anyway, as you're discussing the topic, I thought you might interested:

    Mormonism, Visualized.


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