Video: The Gift of Daughters in My Kingdom

I'm not sure why this video wasn't presented in the recent general Relief Society meeting, nevertheless Daughters in My Kingdom truly is a gift!  And that's exactly how I described it, weeks ago, when I received my own personal copy!

For me, Daughters in My Kingdom is many things...  It is a resource first and foremost, an introduction to Relief Society, a compilation of personal accounts/stories, a testimony, a lesson manual (although I know we're not supposed to refer to it as such) -- it's magazine-like in parts, historical at times, inspirational, as well as instructive.  I could go on....  Ultimately, to me, it is truly a gift!

You can read my entire post here: Initial Impressions of Daughters in My Kingdom.

By now, sisters in the Mormon Church either have a copy, or have the ability to read it, online, at the new Daughters in My Kingdom website HERE.

"Daughters in My Kingdom: The History and Work of Relief Society has been written for you.  We hope you unwrap it, we hope you open it, we hope you read it.  This gift is a record of the legacy of women in the Church.  It also tells about how Relief Society is truly the restoration of an eternal pattern of discipleship.  It is a witness of the divine identity of our Heavenly Father's daughters.  Daughters in My Kingdom contains inspiring examples and timeless truths, and we hope you have a profound personal experience with it." ~ Julie B. Beck

Open the Gift: Daughters in My Kingdom

Kathryn Skaggs


  1. What a great video. Loved the story!

  2. @Emily -

    The story could not have been more perfect. It's as if it was meant to be. It's a wonderful video!

  3. oh, I love her! And the gift they have prepared for us. Thanks for sharing this.


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