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Just recently I had the privilege of being invited to a ward down in San Diego, to give a presentation on Sharing the Gospel Online.  I'm no stranger to online missionary work, as I've blogged about it here numerous times.  However, this was the first time that I have had the opportunity to physically - not virtually - stand in front of members of the Mormon Church, to teach and encourage others how to do what I am so passionate about!  I have to tell you that although I was a bit nervous, I truly loved doing it -- and hope to do more of it in the future!

But I didn't do it alone.  The other presenter for the evening was someone who is also doing a lot online to educate people about Mormonism -- to help share the gospel online.  Because he doesn't currently do too much to promote his website - AllAboutMormons.com via social networking, etc...  many of you may not be aware of this excellent resource.  So...  I want to introduce you to Jacob Durrant.  Most of Jacob's exposure comes through Google search -- and from what I could find out, he's doing an amazing job at being found.

Here is the introduction to All About Mormons:

The teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (a.k.a. the "Mormons") are often confused with those of Evangelical Christians, Jehovah's Witnesses, and even the Amish. While we respect all these religions, our beliefs are in many ways distinct from theirs.  Aside from confusing us with those of other faiths, many subscribe to the misconception and myths about Mormon Doctrine that abound on the Internet and in popular culture. 
The purpose of this site is to dispel some of the many misconceptions about the Church and its members.  The site should be useful both for considering converting to Mormonism and for those who are merely curious about our basic beliefs.
All About Mormons is a wonderful resource for those who are interested in learning more about the Mormon faith.  And for members, I highly recommend this website and would encourage you to bookmark it for regular reference, when needing help with how to answer questions about our Mormon beliefs.  You might also consider helping out on the site, with answering questions about the Church.  Jacob shared with me that he could really use the help to keep up with the questions about Mormonism that continue to pile up -- and especially in English.

Honestly, I just can't say enough good things about the great work that Jacob Durrant is doing over on All About Mormons.   I am so thankful that I got to meet him and spend such a wonderful evening talking about sharing the gospel online.  And IMHO, we made a really great team!  It's hard to believe that he has done so much as basically a one man show!  So make sure and check out his website and be sure to share it with others.

I think that Jacob and I would agree that there was a great spirit that attended our presentations -- as well as the question and answer session following.   As I drove home that night, I was on one of those major highs -- the kind where you just know with a firmness of soul, that what you are doing is right on!  I'm not saying that either one of us were anything special to speak of, as individuals.  It was the work that we are all engaged in at this time -- to share the gospel online --  through the use of potentially the most powerful tool that the Lord has ever given us to accomplish His work --- the Internet!

I had originally intended to share, in this post, what Jacob and I had presented on sharing the gospel online, as well as provide a list of resources and tips -- and I'm still planning on doing so.   But instead, I felt compelled to share Jacob's website -- which is loaded with great content!


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  1. Hello Kathryn! First of all I think you do a fantastic job of explaining the gospel and have enjoyed reading your content! I have a question that no one so far has been able to answer and i was wondering if you could take a stab at it? My question stems from a comment i heard from a sunday school teacher when i was visiting a different ward a couple of weeks ago. During his lesson he mentioned that when we die jesus will ask us 7 questions in a distinct order concerning our behavior on earth. Since this talk i have been unable to find any reference to this anywhere else. Based on that fact i have come to the conclusion that possibly it's sacred temple related information (for that reason i have not listed the couple questions i can remember), or maybe it's a misinterpretation by the teacher? Anyways have you ever heard of this concept before? Any direction would be much appreciated. Thank you Kathryn and keep up the good work! ~ Bradley

  2. @Bradley -

    Thank you! That is very kind of you to say.

    Don't you find cryptic teachers of the gospel so frustrating? I sure do! Inferring something based on personal revelation or belief is not a good idea, under any circumstances, IMHO. You either divulge completely or keep it to yourself. Teachers in the Church have a responsibility to teach with clarity. Never should students leave a class confused, or left to speculate. Which of course is all we can do in this particular situation. Totally irresponsible. Sigh...

    Certainly I have heard suggestions that because our temple recommend interview questions are being asked us by a bishop/stake president, who represent God, that these would be the exact questions that God would ask us if we were standing before Him -- to enter His House. (Not sure that I would necessarily agree though)

    If we base our speculation upon this understanding, I think we could conclude that our after-life interview with God, Himself, could be similar -- IF there is such a thing. However, to my knowledge, a prophet has never outlined this particular case scenario and counseled us to prepare for it. Rather, my understanding is that if a member can well answer these questions in this life and is granted a temple recommend, they are then deemed worthy. Period.

    Repentance seems to me, to be the key to coming before God, versus answering a set of questions awaiting our return. God is interested in our cleanliness. That's why He sent His Son.

    I can't help think of D&C 84... when we accept His servants, He will accept us, right? So, if His servants find us acceptable, then certainly He will as well.

    As members, we don't know how things will exactly go down for us when we pass through the veil to return to the presence of God, and make an accountability report. There's been no specific revelation on this event.

    However, we do know that all will go before Him. I've always believed that if members are in good standing in the Church, and are regular attendees of the temple, that this should be something to look forward to -- without fear or worry about what we will be asked. And just think of all the people who have never even heard of the gospel, or even Jesus Christ.

    Well, those are some of my random thoughts on the subject. I hope it helps.

    I'm looking forward to feeling His complete love for me, even with all my shortcomings. I'm just thankful to know that I don't need to pass any test with perfection -- and that for me, is very very comforting.

    Now, If you do find out those seven specific questions, I do hope you will return and let me in on the info! ; )


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