Women of Hope CD Review and Giveaway

I love music and just recently I had the opportunity to listen to a wonderful new CD from Shadow Mountain Records, entitled Women of Hope

The music was written by LDS women for LDS women and it truly touched me to the very center of my soul!  I just love it when that happens, don't you?

Each song has a message of inspiration that will resonate with faithful LDS women -- or any Christian woman for that matter.  As I listened to each song on the Women of Hope CD I found myself filled with gratitude and inspired to draw closer to my Father in Heaven.   I'm excited to share it with my readers.

Each song on Women of Hope is inspirational -- with a unique message that every woman will relate to in very personal ways.   I was particularly touched by the song "My Favorite Dream" written and sung by Cherie Call.  The lyrics resonated in my heart, as I recalled a very personal decision that I made many years ago...  I happened to be listening to this song on the morning of Mother's Day, as I was getting ready for Church. I was standing in front of the mirror, curling my hair, when suddenly I found that I had tears streaming down my face.  I was deeply moved as I reflected on my life and the blessing of motherhood.

Another interesting thing about the Women of Hope CD, is that a former college roommate of one of my daughters, April Meservyis also featured on the album.  I heard her first sing when the girls were up at college and knew then that she had a beautiful gift to share.  I couldn't resist asking April to share some of her personal feelings about being a part of this wonderful Women of Hope project, for LDS Women.

"Something I am becoming increasingly convinced of is that the Lord knows us perfectly and individually.  When I was asked to record the song "I Find Mercy" for this Women of Hope project I felt the Savior's love and awareness of my particular situation very strongly. 
We recorded it at a time when I deeply needed the reassurance that if I gave with my heart and gave my best--however imperfect that may be---then that would be enough to the Lord.  I needed to be reminded that I am simply asked to give with an open heart and open hands. ;)  Even if I can't do everything -- or even do everything well, my gift is still acceptable to the Lord. 
God is merciful.  That is WHY He is a God of hope.  I pray that the women listening to this album, who may struggle to feel "enough", will feel the joy, the reflection, the yearning that these songs reflect -- that they feel a deep inner hope.  We have every reason to hope because we are His daughters!  The Savior's Atonement allows us to feel and know that His hope is meant for us each very personally and individually."

Thank you, April.  I can honestly say that I felt the things that you hope women feel, when they hear this beautiful music.

Here's what Deseret Book has to say about Women of Hope:

"From the producer of the timeless classic, Women of Destiny, comes another breathtaking collection of songs by women for women. This stunning new CD brings together the best talents in the LDS music community in celebration of the power of women to bring hope to a weary world.

Featuring songs by Hilary Weeks, Katherine Nelson, Mercy River, and more.  Women of Hope will quickly become a powerful motivator for women to raise their spirituality, to stand against the negative power of the adversary, and to find hope in the sanctifying spirit of service. It’s music every woman will cherish as she strives to become a “woman of hope.”"

The album was produced by Tyler Castleton with Kurt Bestor.  The album features 12 tracks with original songs.

You can find Women of Hope at Amazon and Deseret Book.

Women of Hope - Giving Voice to Your Heart!

Now here's what I'm really excited about... I'm doing my FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY, and I get to give one lucky reader a copy of WOMEN OF HOPE!


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  6. oh, sounds like a beautiful cd. I don't get to look at new cds at the church bookstore out here in connecticut, miss it so much.They just don't have the bookstores out here. Women of destiny was amazing!!Putting this type of cd in your car,will change your day!!

  7. I really enjoy listening to the "Women of Destiny" CD, and hope this CD will be equally inspiring.

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