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As many of you may have heard Mitt Romney is expected to announce, this week, that he will run for President of the United States.   Personally, I have no allegiance to Mitt Romney as a political candidate, at this time.  However, I am interested to learn more about his Mormonism, and how his religion has shaped the man.

As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I am intrigued when someone of my faith enters the public square at such a level -- as this brings much attention to what Mormons believe.  When Mitt Romney ran for President in 2008, I will confess, that I did not get behind his campaign.  This time however, I am willing to take a closer look at both the man and the politician.

Terrie Lynn Bittner, over at LDS Blogs, has this to say about Mitt Romney's Mormonism and how his religious background could potentially affect his politics:

"Much has been made of his religious background and many wonder what impact his religion might have on his term of office if he’s elected. In this article, we’ll look at his religious background and how his experiences as a Mormon (the nickname for people who belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) might affect his political leadership. We’ll also examine whether or not his presidency would give power to the Mormons, as some have speculated. Since this is a religion blog, not a political one, this article is meant only to inform readers about the religious background of Mitt Romney."

You can read the entire article HERE. 

Because Mitt Romney is a Mormon, of course I am intrigued.  Contrary to public rumor, I don't believe the majority of members of the LDS faith are going to vote for Romney, or any other candidate, on the basis of religion, alone.  But I do believe that how he lives his religion, coupled with his political views, will have a powerful influence on how many members feel about his candidacy -- and ultimately choose whether or not to get behind the Mitt Romney for President campaign.

As many of you are probably aware, Jon Huntsman is being scrutinized for his recent remarks about his Mormonism.  For many members of the LDS Church, what he has said about it hasn't gone over too well.   Or perhaps it's more of what he hasn't said about his faith that has some a bit concerned?  Either way, both Romney and Huntsman are Mormons - and that alone causes me to want to learn more about both of them.  Does this mean that I hold them to a higher standard than other candidates?  Perhaps.  Fair?  Not sure.

When it comes right down to it, I will vote for the man or woman whom I believe will best serve our country, at this time -- with honor.  I want to know that my President is a God fearing person, and will rely on prayer and inspiration to lead this country.  If my 2012 candidate happens to be a Mormon -- cool.


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  1. I agree--I plan to vote for the candidate that can best bring back the principles this great country was founded on. I'm not sure that Romney is conservative enough and I do not appreciate Huntsman's approach to religion: use it when you want to get elected (Utah Governorship); ignore it when you want to get elected (Presidency). You either are, or you are not. This makes me reconsider his ability to follow through and stay true to what he says he believes, rather than having anything to do with his religion. I'm LDS. I'm grateful for that in my life--but it doesn't form the basis of how I will vote...unless they're my only two choices on the Republican side! (RADishMomCharly on twitter). BTW, I love your title of "Well Behaved..." I keep thinking I'll figure that out someday!

  2. I'm like you, not alligned with Mittens...right now. I don't know if I will vote for him even if he is the GOP nom. I really have issues with some of his stands or the issues. And I think there will be a lot of Mormons who vote for Mitt for that reason. I know lots of people I know are.

    Huntsman's comments bothered me...a lot. I want a Mormon, any Mormon, running for office or not to stand tall and proud, not to say, "oh it's hard to define." Come on.....time for fence sittin' is long past.

  3. I followed your links to what you proposed others are unhappy with what Huntsman has said about his religion, read them, and don't find any disparaging remarks at all. Do you have other remarks in mind that I have missed from him? If so would you mind posting those links as well?

  4. @Doghouse -

    Thank you for catching that! As soon as I am able to get to my computer I will replace the current link to the one that I originally intended.

  5. @Charly -

    Interesting point. I think it all comes back to integrity and the ability to trust what a candidate says, on every level.

    About the "well-behaved" thing… I guess you will just need to watch and eventually determine that for yourself;)

  6. @Atomic Mom

    Shows you how much I know -- I've never even heard the term "Mittens" when referring to Romney-ites! I feel educated now.

    I also have issues with Romney that I need to consider going forward. Still learning about Huntsman. Like you, I am aware of many members of the Church who were and are still, firmly prescribed to Mitt Romney.

    Not sure where Huntsman will squeeze in?

    I'm with you, though. Know who you are and be direct about it -- whatever that may be. We teach this to our LDS youth all the time.

  7. I don't think members of our church should be criticized for voting for Mitt Romney, even if it's mainly because he's LDS. People vote for government officials because they agree with how they think. Religion is a big part of that. I can guarantee that there were plenty of people who voted for John F. Kennedy because he was Catholic. I will be voting for Mitt Romney, because I agree with his values, and because I feel like he has the experience needed to help our economy.

  8. @Debbie -

    Nor do I -- as long as, as you say, they are voting for him because they agree with how he thinks. Hopefully when it comes to choosing a President for the United States -- that thinking aligns with their politics as well as their values.


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