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I was finally able to sit down and watch, via BYUtv -- On Demand, Sister Julie B. Becks, inspired talk that she gave at Women's Conference. From some of the notes others were kind enough to share and the LDS News coverage of Sister Beck's address, I knew that her teachings were important to the women of the Church. I was not disappointed, and neither will you be.

I've actually included the video of her talk right on this blog, in hopes that more women who did not have the opportunity to attend BYU Women's Conference will take a few minutes out of your busy schedules to listen to the words of a prophetess.  I don't use that word lightly either.  It is my testimony that Sister Beck's words came from the Lord, so that His daughters could more fully understand who we are and what our "Priesthood" responsibilities are in these last days.

I was touched by Sister Beck's teachings about the purpose of  Relief Society, its  history, motherhood, opposition, faith, charity, priesthood and temple covenants.  Never before that I can recall, has a General Relief Society President been so forthcoming with the role of women in the Church -- and our inseparable connection to priesthood power.  I can only believe that this has to do with timing.  And I personally believe, that now is the time for every sister in the LDS Church to come to a greater understanding and knowledge of the things that Sister Beck was inspired to teach us.

I learned so much listening to Sister Beck speak, as guided by the Spirit.  Her counsel, coupled with my own personal understandings and feelings about many of the things she addressed, give me much to ponder and pray about in the coming days.

I was particularly touched by how she presented the the purpose of Relief Society.  It has given me a much clearer view of what I personally should be doing, and WHY -- which for this Well-Behaved Mormon Woman, is very very necessary.

I did take notes while I was listening, but mostly if I were to share them, they would be my personal impression of what she said -- and not exactly what she said.   So,  I'll continue to wait upon the actual transcripts before I start attempting to quote or discuss her exact lessons.  And for now, you can watch for yourself and allow the Spirit to teach you!


UPDATE: The transcript of Julie Beck's entire talk at Women's Conference is finally available HERE!

NOTE: Embedding for this video on blogs, etc... has been temporarily disabled.  I'm hoping that BYUtv will have this problem fixed soon.


  1. Thanks for your testimony of Sis Beck. I think so many people bash her and are critical of her. Everytime she speaks I just love it. I think she is wonderful.

  2. Atomic Mom,

    I love Sister Beck and I always love to hear her speak. I too, think she is wonderful. I appreciate her deep spirituality and great strength as an LDS woman. It is not surprising to me in the least, that many are critical of her. IMHO it is a reflection of where others are spiritually -- and for me just confirms her calling.

  3. I listened to her talk tonite, too.


    As you said, so much to ponder and pray about. I love how she keeps helping us keep ourselves from getting pulled into the myths. I look forward to what else we can learn as we ponder the RS history that will be coming out.

    Part of what I feel she is inviting us to do is similar to what I sensed Pres. Uchtdorf doing for the priesthood holders. We are all living beneath our privileges, but they can't just tell us how to rise to higher heights. WE have to do the work to ponder and pray and study and learn and act and trust and live in faith in order for the power of the priesthood to be tapped into, as men and women work together in a united way as God intends.

    Those are some of my thoughts, anyway....

  4. I appreciate your making this available to us, since in our part of the country it would be a while if we heard about her talk. It has seemed to me in recent years that there have been a number of women leaders who have been inspired to say things straight out and with great power, Sister Beck is one of those and I appreciate her. There are more strong women in the church that are saying what the Lord needs said at this particular time in history. I hope we listen, men and women.

  5. I know that Satan works hardest against those that are strong and working for the Lord's cause. I haven't heard much bashing... but what I have heard supports my thoughts about Satan working hardest against those working for the Lord. Family and women are attacked at every front and demoralized into thinking that we are not who we are divinely made to be. I love her messages about womanhood and motherhood; I am not a mother so these things do encourage me because some day I will be! Eternal principles speak to a level of our spirit that the messages of anger and hatred can never approach. :)

    I haven't watched her address and have written it down as a "must do!" for this afternoon! Thank you for your testimony of her. I'm excited to listen to this prophetess; and I'm with you, I do not use that lightly. I know that the Lord inspires her words and inspires her to lead the women of Zion.

  6. Mormon Women -

    I told you! It is WOW! I have to agree with you... I believe also that our leaders are correlated with their teachings. No question in my mind. The women of the Church can not move forward without the complete blessing of those whom we serve with.

    That we truly are living beneath our privileges -- available gifts and blessings is certain. I too, feel that our understanding of these sacred things can only come through personal revelation. Sister Beck's counsel to go to the temple to learn these things for ourselves is vital.

    I love your thoughts. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Dallas, Dad -

    Where are you? Isn't the Internet great? That we all can have these things available to us in the click of a mouse is truly a modern day miracle, for which I, too, am SO grateful!

    And you're right, we are hearing line upon line, these beautiful truths that need to be heard by both men and women. In fact, I just told my husband this morning that he needs to watch/listen to Sister Beck's talk -- as it IS for all of us!

    However, tell me when you have ever heard about "priesthood" responsibilities when referring to the women of the Church -- and, by any LDS General Leader? I can't think of one instance.

  8. Jen S. -

    I'm glad you haven't heard the bashing of Sister Beck. It is truly painful to hear. And yes, Satan is sure to be right there when truth is beng proclaimed and will work with any channel to thwart such revelation.

    Yes, both womanhood and motherhood are under a vicious attack, and coming from every side! Who would have thought that the role of a women could become so confused even in mainstream society.

    Because of this, it is going to require more good men and women to take a stand to not only defend the divine role of women, but also the ability and willingness to educate.

    I too believe that "eternal principles" or "truths" speak to our very souls -- and when taught correctly they will resonate with the pure in heart. Therefore, we must teach and teach and teach!

    I look forward to hearing some of your thoughts after you have a chance to listen to Sister Beck:)

  9. Thanks for sharing the video of Sister Beck's talk. I, in turn, will share it with others in our Stake RS Presidency - we love to hear her talk, and appreciate her directness - nothing timid about this woman!

    I am surprised to read in the comments that people are critical of Sister Beck - although I suppose there will always be critics...

  10. You're welcome, Robin. I hope that every member of the Church is able to see or read Sister Beck's address at Women's Conference.

    I served in my stake RS Pres. years ago. What a choice experience and a wonderful opportunity to influence the women in your stake.

    Yes, it is always saddening to hear critics of that which is so very very good.

  11. Kathryn,
    I can't believe how amazing this talk was... still in awe and filled with gratitude that the Lord has given us instruction though this humble servant. She is truly a divine handmaiden of the Lord. I can't wait to have the transcripts to this message so that I can add it to my scriptures. Thanks for posting this link and reminding me today that I needed to watch this message. Love you!

  12. @Doghouse

    YAY! I'm so glad you took the time to watch this today! I knew you would LOVE and appreciate it as much as I do! I can't wait to have great discussions about what Sister Beck has, by revelation, taught to the women of the Church.

    What a blessing it is to live during these last days and to know that truth is being poured out among the faithful who have ears to hear and eyes to see!

    Love you, too!

  13. The transcript is up!

  14. @Jennifer -

    Thank you! This is wonderful news! :-)


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