More Reasons NOT to see Book of Mormon Musical

Michael Otterson, Head of Public Affairs for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has just published at the ON FAITH blog, his personal reasons for deciding NOT to see the Book of Mormon musical. 

As you know, after reading reviews prior to the Book of Mormon musical opening, this Well Behaved Mormon Women made a conscious choice to be offended!  Since the opening of the play I've continued to read the reviews of those who have seen it --  both members and non-members.   Of the few members that have seen it, they fail to compel me that there is any reason whatsoever to change my position.

Brother Otterson's article points to the inaccurate portrayal of two young LDS missionaries and their naivety in regard to leaving their podunk lives in Utah, as they head off to serve a mission in Uganda.  He takes issue that the play potentially leaves its audience with a poor impression, that religion in general, are clueless to the suffering and plight of so many around the world.  

Thank you, Brother Otterson, for taking the time to share correct information about the wonderful humanitarian efforts, specifically in Africa -- by the LDS Church.

You can read his entire post HERE.



  1. A friend pointed out this article to me. It's such a shame that, in the comments section, there are so many who denigrate Mormons, and religion in general, with such a...well...evangelical vehemence.

  2. For years now, whenever Michael Otterson posts over at ON FAITH, the anti-Mormons literally "lie in wait"!

    They can always find fault with whatever he writes, regardless of the content. They just hover over there waiting to pounce. Very sad indeed.

    They are like bad relatives that won't go home! LOL

  3. I think I will just stick to the movie "the best two years" instead of this offensive play, musical or whatever it is.

  4. I loved that article. I think you'll enjoy this one as well.

  5. I have just been reading bits of your blog and found it reather interesting.
    I have heard of this musical, but will probably never see it. though I am sure I'd learn from it through the criticism of others.


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