Mormons and Methodist Worship Under Same Roof

Corsicana, Texas -- The Wesley United Methodist Church is opening their doors on Sundays to share their sanctuary with local members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!  Why you ask?  Well, according to Janet Jacobs at the Corsicana Daily Sun a neighboring LDS meetinghouse had a leak that caused water to flood throughout the building -- and in some rooms as high as four inches.  Repairs are expected to take two months.

The old saying that "God moves in mysterious ways" is quite applicable when you hear more about this story....

Turns out that this unusual arrangement will be a blessing for both congregations.  The LDS members are in great need of a temporary location to hold meetings until repairs of their building are complete.  On the other hand, the Methodist congregation's average member is about 70 --  which makes it difficult for them to keep up on the grounds surrounding the sanctuary.   So, the LDS have committed the services of 20 of their young men to help do the much needed clean up this weekend.


All the way around I'm loving this story.  This is about true community outreach -- and isn't this really what being a Christian is all about?   These two congregations are working together to meet the needs of both.  On Sundays, the Methodist meet in the mornings and Mormons meet in the afternoons.

Charles Donohoe, a member of the LDS Church, said that "Last Sunday was our first Sunday. It went great.

Doesn't this story just warm your heart?  I know it does mine.  It's gets better...

Come to find out, again according to Donohoe -- 27 years ago these same congregations shared the Methodist sanctuary while the LDS Church meetinghouse was under construction.


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