Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook Going to BYU

Have you heard?  Facebook's founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, is going to BYU!  Not to attend school, but to talk technology!

Mr. Facebook himself, was invited to participate in a technology forum to be held at Brigham Young University, Provo  --  by none other than U.S. Senator, Orrin Hatch.

From BYU News Release: 

“In a world where technology and communications are changing at an ever-increasing rate, it is important that today’s students have the opportunity to hear and learn from those who are transforming electronic and social media,” said Kelly Flanagan, BYU’s Chief Information Officer and Vice President for Information Technology.

“We are grateful to Senator Hatch for inviting Mr. Zuckerberg to speak at BYU,” Flanagan said. “As chair of the U.S. Senate Republican High-Tech Task Force, Senator Hatch had the chance to meet with Mr. Zuckerberg and candidly discuss the opportunities and challenges that face our particular digital age. We look forward to hearing from Mr. Zuckerberg who, without question, is influencing how we communicate on a world-wide scale.”

You can submit questions to be addressed at the upcoming technology forum, with Mark Zuckerberg, over on the new BYU Facebook Page.

As one who really enjoys using Facebook to share the gospel, online, this is one event that I would love to attend.   But, being that I'm from California I guess I'll have to sit this one out.  However, I will for sure take advantage of the video on BYU Facebook, following the event.



  1. Did you go to the event? I didn't make it but did catch a live stream online. After hearing his vision for Facebook and how it's making a difference in the world, it's no wonder he's the biggest mover and shaker of our generation. Very cool.


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