LDS General Conference - A Fountain To Draw From

The enthusiasm that I expressed in my last post, as I anticipated the upcoming General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, did not go unfounded. It was a wonderful weekend of inspired talks that taught me greatly and uplifted my spirit, immensely. I can honestly say, that my cup runneth over... So much so, that for me, it is always necessary to re-visit each and every talk following General Conference - so that I may continue to drink from its fountain.

The only thirst that I am experiencing right now, is a thirst to understand on a more personal level, how these inspired words, from living prophets, should impact my life. I have always believed that General Conference, although broadcast to millions, is extremely personal and pertinent to me. I'm kind of selfish like that. I love experiencing Conference with the body of the Saints. It is a unifying event, and fills the soul with a oneness, that cannot be explained. But then, I feel a need to find a quite corner and better listen to the Lord, and what He desires to teach me. I often refrain from being influenced too much, by others impressions and interpretations.

I love listening and visually experiencing the sights and sounds of General Conference. It is impossible to not be filled with the Spirit, and to have one's testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ strengthened. We were all deeply moved by the stirring testimony of Elder Jeffrey Holland, as he bore an unforgettable and powerful witness to the truthfulness of The Book of Mormon. All within the sound of his voice, will never forget the effect his testimony had upon our own, and yet it was a collective experience. I love moments like that, which bind us together as Saints.

I loved feeling those "warm fuzzies" along with everyone else in the *room*, as President Monson gave example after example of how even simple childlike acts of service, demonstrate how to more perfectly love, as the Savior loves. Profound lessons delivered with such simplicity. There is no wrong way to serve, if it is done with pure intent. Love, is at the heart of all Christlike service.

As much as I anticipated the "event" of General Conference, I look forward to the days ahead that I will spend reading and pondering its lessons. I am so grateful to be a member of the Church, and to know without a shadow of a doubt - that we are led by living prophets of God, today. There is a gentle peace in knowing that in following their counsel and teachings - I am following the path of the Savior.



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  1. You and I are much alike Kathryin.

    "I have always believed that General Conference, although broadcast to millions, is extremely personal and pertinent to me. I'm kind of selfish like that."

    I'm kind of selfish like that too.

    I am always touched, moved, inspired, encouraged and even converted by the talks, music and spirit of conference. This year, though, this year was definitely different. Maybe because I'm older and more aware of my mortality.

    I just know that I am more than anxious to see - to read - to absorb and to apply the teachings from every, single speaker this time.

  2. Heartensoul4u -

    I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only one, that feels General Conference is directed to me personally! LOL I kind of suspect, that this is exactly how our Heavenly Father wants us to feel. To know that He can, and will speak directly to each of His children, through living prophets and personal revelation. It is a thrill. And, I think that for some of us a little bit more along in years, we have come to cherish this opportunity -- to listen.

    Thanks for sharing in my feelings of Conference.



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