Sarah Palin - Her Greatest Test For Life

When Americans were first introduced to Sarah Palin, at the Republican National Convention, as the Vice-Presidential running mate of John McCain - she literally took the nation by storm. I recall, listening to her speech then, and the feelings of "goodness" that overwhelmed me at that moment. Many immediately speculated about whether Sara Palin was a "Mormon" - due to her Idaho roots, and strong moral fiber.

We couldn't be certain about her future at the time, but in the months that have followed, Sarah Palin continues to exemplify everything that we as members of the LDS Church, would consider to be "good".

I've liked Sara from the beginning. Right away, I blogged about her as a "Well Behaved Woman" - and even had fun drawing a few parallels between us.

Sarah Palin
has a strong Christian belief system. She has no problem having her voice heard on those topics and issues that today, are extremely controversial. Those who oppose her positions, for many reasons, do so mostly, because she is willing to not only stand in her opinions, but she is willing to do so along side of her FAITH! That is what I admire about Sarah Palin, MOST.

Daily, she willingly takes opportunities to DO the right thing -- and she does it with honor. Governor Sara Palin, recently was invited to speak at Vanderburgh County's Right to Life banquet in Evansville, Indiana, given on April 16th, 2009.

Listening and watching Sarah Palin, express her very personal feelings and experience of choosing LIFE for her special needs son, Trig - touched me deeply. I am so grateful, that there are women in the world today, with such courage - who are willing to stand up for what is RIGHT, under all circumstances.

Kathryn Skaggs

Thank you to Seth Adam Smith, for providing this inspiring video.


  1. I too have much respect for the Gov. I think she has done wonderful things in Alaska, and stood up to her own party corruption. She is a model politician. I also respect her decision to have her son, despite his handicap. I have a handicapped child myself. My opposition was to McCain not the honorable Gov. I would love to see a Romney/Palin ticket in 2012.

    jo oliver
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  2. Hi jo -

    I wonder how America would receive a Romney/Palin ticket, for 2012? It's certainly an interesting match. I'm not sure how much "good" the world can take. I like Romney as well, and hope that he is considering making a run for it again.

    Many people, from what I understand, are hoping that Palin will run for President, herself. Our next presidential election year, will most likely prove to be even more interesting than the one we just had. And most everyone thought THAT was historic!

    Strategically, it would probably be best for both of them to start out on their own, and then join forces for the final election.

    We need more honorable options, in our politicians.


  3. Nana, it saddens me that as such an intelligent woman, you have been sucked into the Palin Fantasy. Sara Palin is not a bastian of "goodness". She is just another power hungry politician that will stop at nothing to advance her career, including using her family as a prop. There is a good scripture to follow when we evaluate someone's true character "By their fruits ye shall know them". Look closer at the tree. The fruit may be beautiful on the outside, but the core is rotten. There are plenty of members of the LDS Church who have not been fooled, and would be offended that you are suggesting we endorse her. One of the foundations of LDS membership is being honest in all our dealings with humankind. Palin has proved herself to be dishonest, concilliatory, ruthless, calculating and manipulating. If you don't believe that, then you just need to take a closer look at how she is really running Alaska - that is, when she ever bothers to grace them with her presence. Her goal is not to serve the people who elected her into an office she was entrusted, but rather to get to Washington at all costs. When she does make an appearance in her home state, she consistently makes her own rules, and fires anyone who calls her on it. Another huge principle of LDS belief is that family comes first. When it comes to choosing between her family and her career, Sara consistently chooses career. Her choice to have a down syndrome baby instead of an abortion may appear admirable on the surface, until you realize she decided he would make a great trump card in her race to the top. She holds him up and spouts knowing what it's like to have a special needs child, and then hands him to a Nanny the moment she walks off the stage. How about allowing her formerly pregnant unwed teen daughter to get through a painfully difficult situation with privacy and dignity? Did Sara choose to protect her from the media wolves by declining McCain? Nope. Sara thought joining a Presidential Race was much more important. And how about now? Does Palin use this time as an opportunity to devote herself to raising her family and her precious new special needs baby? Nope. She flits across the country as much as possible doing photo ops, and interviews and paid speaches to keep her "momentum" and advance her personal designs. You talk about Honorable, and Family Values. Really? Who's raising Sara Palin's family and teaching honor? Who's having family dinner with them each night? Who's praying with them every day? Who's tucking them in each night and listening to their concerns? Who's helping them with their homework? Who's doing scripture study? Who's taking them to church on Sunday? Not Sara - your "family values" woman-of-the-year.

  4. ARM -

    First of all, I have not been sucked in to any fantasies, about Sarah Palin. I am well aware of her critics. I belong to none of her fan clubs, nor did I campaign for her. That doesn't mean I won't in the future. However, I am not as cynical as you seem to be.

    Therefore, I can easily recognize the "good" that she is doing with what she believes. Nor am I here to judge her as a mother, in how she and her family accomplish their goals of raising their family.

    First of all, she is NOT LDS. And if she was, so what? Second, I am perfectly comfortable acknowledging her "good" works, without feeling that she does not measure up to some illusive "Mormon" standard of how a mom/woman should behave.

    And lastly, I commend her decision for LIFE, and refuse to judge her motives in such a suspicious manner.

    IMHO - As I observe the much fruit on Sarah Palin's tree, it is clear to me that it is loaded with "life-giving" fruit, in abundance!


  5. I think Sarah should be commended. None of us are perfect, and the mere suggestion that she say no to being McCains running mate to spare her daughter is ridiculous. We do not know Heavenly Fathers plan for Sarah or her daughter, and we are not to judge. Every one of us has things that from the outside are quite obvious to those around us, but, we are not to judge. I feel the spirit and her goodness when I hear her speak. None of us are free of fault.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. MM -

    I love this talk that Dalin Oaks gave about judging and final judgement.

    Thanks for taking the time to weigh in:-)


  7. Sarah Palin has roots in Sandpoint, Idaho. This is in the extreme northern tip of Idaho, near the Washington and British Columbia borders.

    There are very few Mormons who live in Sandpoint and the few members of the church are probably the most hated minority in all North Idaho.

    Mormons live in South East Idaho as a rule. Very few venture into the Northern half.

  8. I would love to see a Romney/Palin ticket. I also like the idea of a Romney/Rice or a Palin/Rice or some other like-combination. Things like lifestyle-preserving abortions, greater debt, and more dead civilians is all I see when the left-wing gets exactly what it wants.

    It is so refreshing to know that we still have God-fearing politicians who truly do hold life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness at the top of their value structure.

    It's like our political demographic makeup is becoming a Nephite -vs Lamanite type of battle - with one side fearing God and clinging to life, and the other side forgetting/rebelling against God and seeking irresponsible pleasures without consequence.

    If Romney hadn't ducked out of the primaries, I think he would have been an easy winner. Palin wouldn't have been likely to be in the spotlight. It's good that she was brought to our attention by McCain.

    If there's any good thing that came out of this past election, I believe it's that our sacrifices and our losses brought the Republican "cream of the crop" to the forefront. Let's pray that the Republicans get their turn next time, and that they don't squander resources or opportunities.

    The same people who mocked and scrutinized Palin and McCain over aspects of their health, families, and shopping habits are all now looking the other way when it comes to relationships and associations with terrorists, irresponsibility with the Afghanistan situation, trillions of dollars of frivolous spending, insane amounts of special-interest pork, and legislation and judges supporting even less humane and more frequent abortions.

    It's time for people to begin to look around and to become a little more critical of decisions being made at the top of our government. I believe that we can trust the hearts and minds of politicians like Palin and Romney to do the right thing even when they're not in the spotlight. We can count on them to promote the good values that made our country number 1, and to uphold the constitution - rather than the game plan currently in place, which seeks to adopt the lower moral standards and governmental styles of inferior government.

    Perhaps that's the problem. When you've relied on good examples your whole life to get you to the top, and then you're at the top - when you look around for an example, and there are no exemplars in greater positions than your own position, who do you turn to for guidance and direction? In the past, our country's leaders have turned to God. Who do they turn to now that God is slowly being banned and abandoned?

  9. Herbert -

    That's very interesting. Thanks for the information. I myself, am a SoCal girl -- and have no understanding such things:-)


  10. JoeyDG -

    Great comments! Thank you for taking the time to contribute.

    I agree with pretty much everything you said. Sometimes, it takes a bit of a "wake-up" call - to get our attentions. And we've certainly had that, with our recent experiences with politicians, etc...

    Hopefully, true conservatives can pull together now, and help bring things back to reality.



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