Real Response To Proposition 8 Verdict Will Be Loud!

Cyberspace has been eerily quiet over the last month or so, about how the decision from the California Supreme Court hearing will go down for Proposition 8. The court has 90 days to deliberate before it hands down its verdict. June 3rd is the deadline. Guess what that means? It means that sometime over the next approximately two weeks, California will have another major uprising, compliments of the LGBT community.

Either way, they are going to once again be in the faces of the conservative YES on 8 supporters. Whether Proposition 8 is upheld or it is not - supporters of same-sex marriage will have a very loud and public response. I'm tired just thinking about the possibilities. However, I can't help but wonder what either scenario will look like?

I hang out on Twitter, quite a bit. I receive Google Alerts for those things that I am interested in keeping my fingers on the pulse about. I stay pretty well informed. I don't know how it happened? Apparently, the homosexual community on Twitter "thought" they had heard that Prop 8 had been overturned -- and boy did the tweets start flying. Well, at least from what I heard.

When I did hear what had happened, all I could think about was how grateful I was to have NOT gotten caught up in the irresponsible distributing of wrong information. Distributing credible information on Twitter, about what you know - is what makes Twitter so successful as an outlet for any and everything. Twitter is not known as a rumor mill. So how could such a thing have happened?

The best way I can explain it, is that a group that wanted something so bad, heard only what they wanted to hear - and FIRED! I also couldn't help but think that perhaps this misfire of information was intentional. Think about it? Twitter has become a very powerful source for not only distributing information, but also receiving instant feedback from real people.

There's one thing that IS for sure, the gay community are PASSIONATE! And so, as we prepare to hear the REAL court ruling any day now - as to whether the California Supreme Court will uphold Proposition 8, or not, you can be certain that it won't happen quietly - either way.

Kathryn Skaggs

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  1. I do not have my finger in the pulse but think that they will be much more effective if they just focus on getting the next initiative passed. With the new state laws around the country it should be much easier. We have lost the public debate distinguishing mixed race marriage from same sex marriage. It shouldn't take too long

  2. I began following this a few months ago, being Lds myself and having 2 gay members in my family its a conflict in many ways. Here in the uk gays/lesbians are allowed to legally marry and be equal to traditional marriage but we never had ANY of the scenes and events that i've witnessed there in the states. I pray the Lord will oversee HIS work on June 3rd and somehow damage limitation will follow.
    What confusing times we live in eh?


  3. quandmeme -

    If you mean "they" as in the homosexual community, their next step cannot really be determined, until the decision about Prop 8 is made. They have already moved forward with a few different options if Prop 8 is upheld. If it is NOT upheld, then "we" are the ones that go back to the drawing board; much tougher work to do.

    Regardless of the decision by the Supreme Court, this is only one more battle in most likely, as ongoing war. How unfortunate this is for all of us.

    Marriage is ONLY between a man and a woman. Attempting to move the line to include any other definition - will only continue to flame this hot issue.

    I don't agree that we have lost the debate about same-sex marriage being a civil rights issue. I do think, "they" are much louder about it what they think.


  4. Hi Debs -

    Yes, we are most certainly living in "confusing" times. I'm curious... In the UK, is there a "title" that distinguishes heterosexual marriage, from homosexuals who are "married". What is the definition of "marriage" in the UK?

    In California, same-sex couples can have "civil unions" and have almost the exact same benefits of those who are "married". A few things need to be worked on for more equality with "civil unions" to "marriage", but this option has been available to homosexual couples for quite awhile now.

    But that's not good enough for gays. They want the status of marriage in the US, so as they can see themselves as "morally" equal with those who are "married".

    That's pretty twisted, to those of us who believe that homosexual behavior is a sin.

  5. "Twitter is not known as a rumor mill."

    I'm not sure why you think that. Twitter is the ultimate first draft of history. People tweet first and think later. That makes it a great measurement of the zeitgeist at that instant. It compliments Google Alerts, which are from much more relevant, but less instantaneous sources. I wrote up an example of this on my blog during the Swine Flu panic weekend on Twitter.

  6. MrGoogleAlerts -

    I read your post, and your points are well taken. I basically would agree with you.

    However, I still believe that if you generally follow those on Twitter who are credible in the first place - that your information stream within that circle you have developed, can be pretty darn credible.

    As for following every tweet attached to a particular hashtag, well that IS certainly another story.

    This recent incident having to do with the Prop 8 misfire, is a great warning and lesson for everyone. I will definitely AIM, before I fire the next hot news to my tweeps:-)

  7. Hi Kathryn
    Yes they are Civil Unions with all the same benefits and laws of traditional marriages. I dont remember any uproar about it when the law was passed approx 3 yrs ago, however i could be wrong.
    Personally I dont agree with acting on anything that is against Gods will, ultimately this is heading for a great fall for many people in time to come. Marriage over here is definitely on the decline and therefore the statistics for single parent homes are extremely high too (myself being one of them but not through choice) and that creates other social issues. One family dropped their ward activity when their son sad he was gay and wanted to live the lifstyle. Not only have they disconnected from their Heavenly Father but they have severed many other blessings that were still theirs by their own good works. Acting on homosexual feelings has such a ripple effect that often is over looked till the lifestyle begins.
    My one cousin who is gay has totally turned on me when she was reading about the events in California, I was never asked how I feel towards her, I was immediately outcast! As I am the only Lds (along with 3 of my children) in our entire family I have naturally had all this threw at me and been accused of things before i've even opened my mouth! But in my heart I will let the Lord do what He needs to do and I will carry on doing the best I can to represent Him without alienating or offending my family!
    Its so sad for so many people.


  8. Hi Debs -

    Okay, so it sounds like gays in the UK have the same benefits that California offers(ed) for those who would like to be legally bound in a same-sex relationship. But that was not good enough for "our" homosexual community. Like I said, here, gays want the word marriage. They want to completely redefine the ONLY definition of marriage; one man and one woman.

    I have no problem with Civil Unions, and feel that we should make sure that gays DO have equal benefits to those of traditionally married couples. However, I do draw the line when it comes to issues involving children.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin's attitude toward you. Many gay people have a very hard time distinguishing between our support for traditional marriage and their feeling that it is anti-gay, which of course it is not.

    Sounds like you have many challenges in order to live the Gospel, but are doing a great job. I admire that:-)


    1. Pretty rich for an LDS woman (or for anyone who believes the Old Testament) the to declare that the only definition of marriage is one man and ONE woman and that anything else is redefining.


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