Not Speculating About Proposition 8 Decision Thursday

I'm not here to speculate about the decision that the California Supreme Court will announce, any day now. However, upon waking up this morning and checking emails, I found that the rumors are once again flying about the status of Proposition 8.

This time, it is unconfirmed reports that the courts will announce their much anticipated decision on the fate of Prop 8 on Thursday- tomorrow. These reports apparently originate from a gay tabloid called The Advocate. It seems pretty solid to those who are reporting this information. Apparently San Francisco police are already setting up barriers around the court house and in areas of the city known to be places of gathering, for the homosexual community. The word on the streets in SF is that the gays are NOT going to like the decision, thus the preparation for crowd control are being made.

That was not speculation, at least not on my part. I'm just passing along the information. Right? Anyway, as I wrote just the other day about the decision by the California Supreme Courts - it is NOT going to come down quietly, regardless of the decision. And, by the buzz that is happening right now about a possible verdict as soon as tomorrow - the give away seems to be the amount of preparation that is being deemed necessary. BTW, many of these reports are coming from people who live right there - in the city.

So whether the decision as to IF Proposition 8 will be upheld, is tomorrow or not - our days of waiting are numbered. It's a good thing too, because the pressure is building for those anxiously awaiting their RALLY! Anyway, if tomorrow is the case, we would know by 10 am, pacific time. Which for me, is any minute.

I'm just saying...

Kathryn Skaggs

No decisions will be handed down tomorrow, regarding Prop 8 - see HERE. As suspected, just another rumor springing forth from tightly wound up "other" side. Ugh!

This , from the "Official" California Courts website:

"All California courts will be closed on Memorial Day, Monday, May 25, 2009. The filing of any opinion by the California Supreme Court that would normally occur on Monday, May 25, will instead be filed on Tuesday, May 26 at 10:00 a.m.

If any opinion is to be filed on Tuesday, May 26, a Notice of Intended Filing announcing the court's intent to file the opinion will be posted on the California Courts Web site by Friday, May 22, 2009, at this link:"


  1. What worries me is how much more vandalism of churches and such we'll see if this goes in favor of marriage and against gay redefinition of same. We had enough trouble after 8 passed, and I'm betting that if the will of the voters is actually upheld (I'm not optimistic, knowing CA courts), the resulting tantrum is going to be a LOT bigger.

  2. I'm betting that if the will of the voters is actually upheld (I'm not optimistic, knowing CA courts), the resulting tantrum is going to be a LOT bigger.Indeed, that this will be the 30th anniversary of the "White Night Riots" is a bit ... ominous.

  3. You are so right. The problem with this whole thing, is that even IF Proposition 8 is upheld, which many believe that it will be - we still have great concerns over the 18K same-sex marriages that were performed, prior to the election.

    Many believe that Prop 8 will be upheld, however - it is felt that the courts will also uphold those same-sex marriages. And that, is where the real problems wil begin, in California.

    Ideally, the courts need to uphold 8 and the absolute intention of the proposition. Only marriage between a man and a woman will be "recognized" in the state of California.

    So... Did I just speculate?


  4. I wouldn't call that speculation, since you're not theorizing (much) about what's going to happen, just stating what you wish would happen. :-)

  5. Okay - so if you checked the update on my post, you now KNOW, that there will be NO decision tomorrow.

    This latest rumor is just another indicator of how tightly wound up the homosexual community really are.

    I promise, that the next time I personally post about Proposition 8, it will be based on *official* information as the source. The FACT that these rumors have been flying is the truth.

    Like I've said before, my intention is to be credible.


    @Joe - I too, have the same feeling.

  6. I know its nothing to do with me, being a brit in the uk and all but I do worry for our church, its members primarily as well as our buildings. Given past reactions I think there is a lot of dangerous potential here. I am so praying for all these people concerned that common sense can somehow prevail. I know the Lord will do all He can do but lets face it, free agency of many is not only undesirable but very scary too.
    I feel so nervous for you guys!!


    ps. Kathryn I have to ask cos my brain isnt 'getting' it yet...what does tdmg mean at the end of all your posts?? lol

  7. Occurs to me this one's so potentially explosive they might not be willing to announce the opinion until it's released. I can see some almost-logic in hoping to cut down demonstrations, riots, etc., by offering less time for such things to be organized.

    Or maybe my brain just hit a bad sector.

  8. lifeasme -

    Well actually, I feel that it has to do with everyone, regardless of where you might be living. California is a powerful state, and what happens here will eventually affect, I believe, the world.

    I know that sounds extreme, but I really don't think that it is. A few other states have in the interim passed pro same-sex marriage -- in the hopes that California will support their decisions. In most every case, it was NOT done through the "will of the people". Pretty sneaky stuff going on right now.

    So, what happens in California is big. Either way this thing goes - the "battle" will continue, regardless of which side you stand.

    Yes, we all need to continue to exercise our faith, through continued prayers. That faith, must be in knowing WHO is ultimately in control of "ALL THINGS".


    p.s. For those who don't know about my little "tDMg" acronym - I'll post about it, soon. Or, you could just Google it;-)

  9. FelixandAva -

    Perhaps you are right. And maybe these "false" alarms just might help with the over-reaction that is sure to occur, regardless of the decision. You know what I mean?

    Like when you're expecting the worst about something, and you just wait and wait for it to happen -- and then, when "anything" happens, you tend to be a bit more rational about things. Who knows?

    Now that's, speculation. LOL


  10. You know all those stories in the Book of Mormon about the faithful being persecuted verbally and physically - I used to think they were stories to tell.

    In the wake of Prop 8 and other moral issues, I'm discovering they aren't just quaint old stories...but a road map for the saints of today. Scary? Yes. But do we have a vision of perspective and who is in charge? Heck yes. ;-)

    The battle for preserving families will NOT end with the CA Supreme Court decision. This fight - it will go on. It will test us. It will require us to dig deep for stamina, because this battle to protect the sanctity of families, children and marriage has been fought long before we were here ...and will continue.

    So I guess... sit tight, bulk up...and get ready. We're in for it.

  11. Queen Scarlett -

    No doubt that the more we study The Book of Mormon, the greater our testimonies become, that truly - this sacred record was preserved for "our day".

    We've also been taught, that the way to know how to prepare for the Second Coming, is to read The Book of Mormon. In doing so, it becomes quickly apparent, how clearly the accounts and principles taught, parallel the world, today.

    So yes, I'm with you on this one. Pull up yer book and hunker down. This is gonna get bumpy!


  12. Great comments by LdsNana and Queen Scarlett. The bumpy road has also been prophesied by latter-day prophets in sometimes too scary detail. I was reminded again of the need for temporal and spiritual preparation. I'm running just a bit low on oil.

  13. Mike -

    And those "warnings" are becoming ever more specific.

    Getting harder and harder to ignore those guys, eh? Like you mentioned, we better all have our oil checked:-)



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