A Mormons Voice On Prop 8 Being Upheld

It's "OFFICIAL", the California Supreme Court has ruled that Proposition 8 will be upheld; but also that some 18 thousand same-sex marriages WILL remain legal. Sounds pretty crazy, doesn't it? The old saying that "you can't have your cake, and eat it too" must not be familiar with the highest court in California, because they seem to be hoping that THEY can!

Here's my take on this whole California fiasco, for those who are interesting in knowing how MY great state has gotten themselves into such a MARRIAGE mess! And yes, this current situation has all the elements of mass confusion, and a great lack of credibility. Ultimately, we can thank once again, the California Supreme Court judges for our State's heated divisiveness.

Unfortunately, what many "others" would prefer to do, is blame the state of marriage in California, on the Mormons. I suppose that the Church is a much easier target for supporters of same-sex marriage to be critical of, than placing the blame where it actually belongs.

Here's the run-down:

In 2000, California VOTERS passed Proposition 22, which clearly stated:

"Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California."

Clear and simple. Many like to refer to this as the "Mormon Ban on Gay marriage" here in the Golden State.

Fast-forward to May/June of 2008. After debating Proposition 22's validity - The California Supreme court decided to OVERTURN Proposition 22 -- and in doing so, this temporarily made same-sex marriage in California, LEGAL.

Now my first reaction was "Hey"! I personally spent a lot of hours walking up and down streets in my neighborhood, to educate and encourage people then, to stand up and defend traditional marriage, by voting YES on 22 - to preserve only ONE definition of marriage.

Yes, I was disturbed that same-sex marriage was now legal in California, changing that definition -- but I was much more concerned about MY VOTE being disenfranchised by a few judges, legislating from the bench!

About the current 18K same-sex marriages that are STILL legal in California -- these were performed through this backdoor approach, that were GRANTED gays, for this very short period BEFORE the VOTERS of California decided to say "THAT'S NOT COOL", and placed Proposition 8 on the ballot.

Proposition 8
was placed on the ballot to RESTATE and REESTABLISH what Proposition 22 - had spoken the first time. Californians who cast their VOTE for Prop 22, and then had that vote disenfranchised by the California Supreme Court ONCE, decided that they better speak a little bit LOUDER, with Proposiiton 8. This time, VOTERS decided to go for an amendment to the CALIFORNIA STATE CONSTITUTION.

Once again, CALIFORNIA VOTERS who support traditional marriage were heard on this issue. Proposition 8 passed, with 53% of the vote. And now, our Constitution will have added to it that...

"Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California"

So, if the courts UPHELD Proposition 8, as above - how in the heck can they justify legally recognizing those 18K same-sex marriages? That doesn't make sense!

Your right. It doesn't. Many felt that IF Prop 8 were upheld, that the courts also MUST honor the complete and very clear wording as stated in the amendment. Those who authored and passed the amendment certainly knew what "we" were asking and voting to amend.

Here again is the problem. The California Supreme Court were basically, in a good old fashioned "pickle". Think about it... remember, it was the court that had overturned California's VOTE on Prop 22, which then created the way for 18K same-sex couples to marry during a very short period, before Prop 8 came in to course correct. Now, the PEOPLE have spoken AGAIN on PRESERVING traditional marriage!

Now "we" have this handful of gays, who "legally" were granted the "right" to marry -- freaking out, because the "MORMONS" don't want them to be happy. I bet those judges are so thankful for us Mormons right now!

Wait a minute guys! It is NOT the Mormons who are causing you all of your pain and suffering here. Believe it or not, we feel pretty bad about what the Supreme Court judges are putting you through. ALL of us!

It is apparent, that the Supreme Court judges KNEW, after now TWICE realizing that the MAJORITY of Californians support traditional marriage - that to IGNORE us AGAIN - would be FATAL for them, politically. And they knew it on a 6 to 1 ruling to uphold Proposition 8! And they also knew, that by THOROUGHLY upholding Proposition 8, as stated -- THEY would be admitting fault in ORIGINALLY overturning Prop 22!

But, you know how sketchy some politicians are -- they play both sides of the aisle in an attempt to make EVERYBODY happy! Remember that old saying, about the cake? Like I said, guess those judges never heard that one, eh?

The math just doesn't make sense to those of us who are NOT trying to twist an issue one way or the other, ignoring the rules of the game. Clearly, the judges through some distorted rendering, are hoping to pander to gays, by upholding these few SSM in California. Think about it - WHAT if they had not? You and I both know, that you don't want to be on the wrong side of the homosexual community. It just ain't pretty, as we Mormons know, all too well.

In my opinion, the bottom line is that these judges who now occupy a seat on the California Supreme Court, DO NOT have the best interest of the State of California, and its PEOPLE - as their motivation. The actions of these judges, pertaining to MARRIAGE in California, have clearly exposed agendas and true motivations -- and in their wake... have left neighbors suspicious of one another.

determine and create the environment in their communities - through free and open elections. YOUR VOTE AND MY VOTE -- must have meaning and validity. Every opinion counts, via VOICE or VOTE. That is true EQUALITY! What we don't need, are corrupt judges legislating from the bench, via their PRIDE filled agendas.

Today, ALL Californians have won a very important VICTORY! Many feel that the legalization of same-sex marriages across the board are inevitable. Although I do NOT support redefining marriage and will continue to defend traditional marriage -- I DO honor your VOTE and voice in this matter -- now and in the future; regardless of whether we agree or not.

The California Supreme Court judges had a very important opportunity TODAY, to reaffirm their decision of June 2008, when they overturned Proposition 22. They did NOT take it! Instead, with a great lack of COURAGE - they have continued to create CHAOS in California!

Kathryn Skaggs

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  1. All you have to do is follow the money for the Yes on 8 campaign to find out why many people are decrying the intervention of religious groups outside California. http://www.advocate.com/news_detail_ektid64163.asp

  2. Anonymous -

    If it was ultimately the amount of money either side collected for their cause, then the NO on 8 campaign would have prevailed.


  3. And then today we received an email from our missionary that there may be a lock down for missionaries in his area due to today's ruling.

    Yeah, the same missionaries that have provided untold service to all families in California, never once asking as to sexual orientation.

    The same missionaries that were instructed not to even bring up the topic of Prop 8 with investigators and the like.

    He's a barely 20 year old kid who was forced to barricade his apt. door with furniture when the last Prop 8 vote came in.

  4. ParkerMama -

    Oh how I wish, that what you are saying here, were not true. However, I am happy to hear that the safety of our missionaries is a high priority.

    The propaganda that has been spread, about what these these young missionaries may be doing or saying to investigators, is unacceptable.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your son.


  5. another wonderful post. It is so sad that the same issue has to be addressed over and over. The people of Ca. clearly voted against gay marriage over and over and over. Yet, they keep continuing to try to force feed it to the public.

    And, why should LDS get the blame anyway. What do LDS memberships make up in Ca maybe 5 or 10% percent of all organized religions? SO, how is it LDS to blame.

    Legislators need to start listening to the public. Last I checked this country was still based on people voting for what they feel is right~

  6. Good history! I didn't know the background.

    By the way, I think you have a typo in one of the early paragraphs that threw me for a loop:
    Fast-forward to June of 2008. After debating Proposition 22's validity - The California Supreme court decided to OVERTURN Proposition 8 -- and in doing so, this temporarily made same-sex marriage in California, LEGAL.
    I think you meant OVERTURN Propositon 22.

    You might correct it to avoid confusion.

    Thanks - Steven

  7. Steven

    OOPS! Yes, that was a mistake! LOL Thank you for catching it. The whole SSM saga in California can make anyone's head spin. Writing about it, nearly made me dizzy and fall over!

    I hope this was clear enough though, to help people understand WHY and HOW the courts reached their wacky decision.

    In a nutshell, the judges had no choice but to uphold Prop 8, but in doing so - they chose to completely ignore the full texts. How arrogant is that?

    Not cool.

    Thanks again:-)


  8. I don't see how they can reconsile the two positions. Will there be an asterisk on the phrase, with "(except the 18,000 .....)" ??

    I live in MA - what if a gay married (in MA) couple moves to CA? How are they different than the 18K CA gay marriages, given the footnoted exception?

    Sounds like this isn't over...

  9. Steven -

    Honestly, I don't think they really can, either. And your point about marriages perfomed in other states makes complete sense. But somehow, these judges believe that they have found a way to do it --- by simply choosing to ignore the mandate of Proposition 8.

    They clearly are not concerned with the "health" of this state, but only their own agendas and futures.

    It is my understanding, that the Court felt it could uphold the vote, (bc it had no other choice) but not agree with it. Ensuring that the 18K SSM that were performed during this loop hole, sends the message that "they" do NOT support WHAT the PEOPLE WANT.

  10. While I'm grateful the court ruled to uphold Prop 8 - I think they're still a bunch of lily-livered cowards. ;-)

    This mess... was created by them... and it is being perpetuated by them. It is ridiculous.

    The shrill SSM groups seems too hot-headed to focus on issues that would actually help them... like focusing on something like the Salt Lake City Plan.

    Accusations of Mormons... is just an easy way out instead of looking at the real picture. It's much easier to blame a much-maligned group than face facts of two elections that affirmed marriage between marriage between one man and one woman. It's much easier to act as if this is a civil rights issue... than admit that SSM marriage is drastically different for society.

    All I can say is... it's not over.. we'll need all our reserves of stamina.

  11. So it's not enough that the rights of citizens were taken away because of fear and hate...You're still upset because a few couples retain their marriage. How does someone else's marriage threaten yours?

    Straight not Narrow


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