Video: The Book of Mormon - Made Simple

I'm not really sure WHO these terrific new instructional videos, by MormonsMadeSimple were actually created for? They claim that they are "simply" informational videos about Mormonism, and that we are encouraged to share these with our non-member friends, co-workers, etc... to help "them" better understand Mormonism. However, I think the simplicity of the videos, are just as informative for active members of the LDS Church.

No doubt these Mormon videos are great missionary tools - but I also feel that they help members learn HOW to be better missionaries, as well. The basic teachings are excellent, and very helpful for anyone.

For instance - check out their latest "made simple" video on The Book of Mormon - Made Simple.

Here are a few of my ideas, for more MADE SIMPLE videos about Mormonism:

What Happens at a Mormon Baptism - Made Simple
What Goes on Inside a Mormon Temple - Made Simple
Why Mormons Build Temples - Made Simple
Why Mormons Pay Tithing - Made Simple
The Word Of Wisdom - Made Simple
Why Mormons Build Temples - Made Simple
The First Vision - Made Simple
Articles of Faith - Made Simple
What Mormons Believe About Jesus Christ - Made Simple
Priesthood Authority - Made Simple
Priesthood Keys - Made Simple
What is a Temple Dedication Ceremony - Made Simple
Prayer - Made Simple
Mormon Missionaries - Made Simple
Mormon Welfare System - Made Simple
Visiting Teaching - Made Simple
Home Teaching - Made Simple
Mormon Vocabulary - Made Simple
A Mormon Bishop - Made Simple
Living Prophets - Made Simple
Mormon Standards - Made Simple
A Mormon Temple Wedding - Made Simple
A Mormon Baby Blessing - Made Simple
The Difference Between a Mormon Meetinghouse and a Temple - Made Simple
The Book of Abraham - Made Simple
Personal Revelation - Made Simple

I asked Doug, over at MormonsMadeSimple, if he could have these to us by, say... next week?

Kathryn Skaggs

P.S. If you have any more ideas - just email Doug:-)


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