New Mormon Ad Is Outta This World!

I've been wanting to post the latest video from Homefront for a few weeks now, but other topics or issues kept seeming to take precedence. Really important stuff, like the launch of the new Mormon Channel radio station. Very cool!

This newest Sci-fi Mormon Ad is adorable, as they all are. Like I've said before, the quality of the Homefront videos are outstanding - and a pleasure to not only watch, but share with our friends. I especially like posting them on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, etc...

It seems as though anything that encourages people to strengthen family relationships, is well received, online. Our love for our families, surpasses many differences that we might have with others.

Some of the BEST "small conversations" that I've had online, with those who are NOT of our faith, have had to do with very important issues, having to do with the FAMILY. I believe that the ability to connect on the "family" level with those who also feel strongly about family, enables us to teach and share gospel principles in ways, that we might never have been given the opportunity.

Mormon Ad - Homefront - SciFi - Family Relationships

Kathryn Skaggs

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  1. I love this commercial. I loved the pirate action/adventure one too. Our church is so cool! Makes me so proud to be a member. Thanks for sharing this!


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