Distortion Of Loving Versus Virginia And Same-Sex Marriage

"...There has been a spirited debate going on about the implications of Loving for the status and rights of same-sex couples in our society." David Orgon Coolidge

As society moves forward with an ever increasing momentum for the mainstream normalization of homosexuality - many proponents of same-sex marriage, consider the Supreme Court case of Loving Versus Virginia - their greatest hope for persuading the public to join their cause for "equality".

There are few, if any same-sex marriage proponents, that do not literally cling to their interpretation of equality and equal rights for homosexuals, on the basis of the verdict of Loving versus Virginia. However, that Virginia versus Loving was ever anything more than a racial discrimination case - has been hotly debated for over 40 years.

The very popular "Loving Analogy" and the reference to the gay agenda playing the "Loving card" are rampant among homosexual activist, today. The reason for this - is because that's really all they have. If the proponents of same-sex marriage can convince you, that their cause is one of equal rights - as comparable to Loving versus Virginia - then right there - they have you. Of course, they already believe that they do!

Ever since the Supreme Court decided Loving v. Virginia and declared that laws banning interracial marriage were unconstitutional, same-sex marriage advocates have claimed that laws restricting marriage on the basis of a person’s gender are just as unconstitutional as laws restricting marriage on the basis of a person’s race. Despite overwhelming support for this claim within the academic community, few judges have accepted the argument that same-sex marriage bans constitute sex discrimination or even that they make a gender classification triggering heightened scrutiny. Luiz A. Arroyo

Regardless of what your moral compass, whatever that may be - is telling you about same-sex marriage being just wrong -- you may be forced to concede.

"Whether you like it or not"!

This is exactly the attitude of the gay agenda, when it comes to trying to insist that same-sex marriage is an "equal right"! The push to accept the "Loving Analogy" interpretation, has been so successful, that for many today - it is considered a "self-evident" fact.

Thankfully, it is very easy to see - when studied, that this is just not the case, at all. It has become apparent to this writer, that the "Loving Analogy" has been perpetuated by an extremely liberal agenda, including the help of both social media and academia.

You will find it nearly impossible to find those who will stand up against the current trend, with the help of Virginia versus Loving - and to say, that same-sex marriage is not an equal right. You are much more likely to find those with views, that go so far as to say, that it is because of Virginia versus Loving, that we must approve same-sex marriage - as an equal right!

Fact, in a five year period from 1990-1995, there were 75 law reviews or essays published in legal periodicals, on the Loving versus Virginia case. Of those 75, a whopping 69 were openly supportive of same-sex marriage. Only ONE, supported the traditional definition of marriage - between a man and a woman! You could also surmise, that what has been written since, about the Loving versus Virginia case, has been based on these original reviews and essays.

This evidence reveals, that the information that has been broadcast to the public - no doubt, has been very biased toward the gay agenda, by the liberal media. Most folks, like you and I - don't usually go digging up court documents, etc... to get all the facts. Instead, we generally rely on the "so-called" experts to extract the most important information for our understanding. And, trusting as we tend to be - we accept their interpretations, as fact.

Due to the extreme weight that is being used by the proponents of same-sex marriage, using the "Loving Analogy" to support their plea for equal rights - the time has come, that you and I, must for ourselves understand, how this is just not the case. It's time to educate, so that we can better debate and stand with greater effectiveness - in our ongoing desire to preserve traditional marriage!

Today, I've merely introduced the "Loving Analogy" to you, my readers. In my next post, we will go a bit more into the argument itself, so that we all will understand better, how it is NOT appropriate to compare racial discrimination, to the current debate about same-sex marriage as an equal right - for those who practice homosexuality.

Kathryn Skaggs

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  1. I am anxious to see what your research will turn up and your personal interpretations of the case. Thanks for your continued study of this issue.

  2. Nice post. I look forward to your additional posts on the Loving analogy. I've never seen such a mis-characterization of a case for popular political purposes. I've written a few related posts on some of the Proposition 8 posts I did. Keep up the good work. I enjoyed your citation of Luis Arroyo.


  3. This is very useful. Thank you for writing it and for the time and effort you put in it!

  4. Hi! I was just wondering what research you found for education/ political purposes? I was looking through your latest blogs to see any additional posts on the topic, and I didn't see any. I would enjoy hearing what you have to say if you decide to further the discussion! Thanks :)

  5. LisaM -

    I will be posting further on this topic. Two of my daughters just gave birth, and so I have been quite busy as a grandmother, fulfilling those responsibilities. Looking forward to getting back to blogging!

    I have read a few different papers on the Loving vs. Virginia case, and am convinced that it was never intended to be decided as a civil rights issue. The paper that I felt made this argument most effectively was found through the BYU law department, and was written by David Orgon Coolidge.

  6. Congratulations on your new grandchildren! Thank you for the reply, and I look forward to reading anything else you find.

  7. They are comparing the two cases based on equal rights. For the loving case it was about allowing people in a free country to do as they choose and for the same-sex marriage debate it is the same. The argument is that since we live in a free country we should be allowed to do as we choose if it doesn't cause harm to other people. If two men choose to get married they have as much right as a man and a woman. Tradition marriage is not being destroyed because according to dictionary.com destroyed means to put an end to; extinguish, or to reduce (an object) to useless fragments. As you can see same-sex marriage would be doing neither of those things because tradition marriage would still exist and overwhelmingly out number gay marriages. If people are making a comparison between to cases in which each pleas for equal rights and in both they are denied then there is no false comparison. I do not understand how it is any of your business if two men or two women decide to marry, or how it harms or affects you at all.

  8. Anonymous -

    I strongly disagree with your assessment of Loving versus Virginia. It was never meant to be a civil rights case. It is now, being used to support the effort to legalize same-sex marriages, which again - is NOT a civil rights case. I will discuss this further, in a future post.


  9. How is it not a civil right? a civil right is the right to personal liberty and marrying whom you choose is a personal liberty. People are free to do as they choose in their own time and not allowing them to when what they want to do does not hurt or harm others is a form of discrimination something our country is suppose to be against.
    The loving versus virginia is obviously a civil rights case, it deals with the 14th amendment which talks about peoples rights and the state being unable to take them away from a person. Liberty and property were being taken away from the Lovings.
    By taking away a gay person's right to marry you are taking away a form of their liberty even when their is no reason why they shouldn't be allowed to wed. You take away their freedom in a way similar to how virginia did not allow the Lovings to get married.

  10. Anonymous -

    Once again, the Loving versus Virginia case, was never intended as a civil rights case. The color of your skin is NOT a choice.

    Here is a post I wrote about WHY same-sex marriage is not about equal rights...

    The Truth About Same-Sex Marriage, Equal Rights - And Your Children!tDMg


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