The Most Correct Book of Any on Earth... Have you Read It?

Quoting from the Mormon prophet Joseph Smith, "The Book of Mormon is the most correct book of any on earth." This article explains why Joseph Smith could make this statement with certainty. It explores other bold declarations concerning it's validity and gives reasons that the LDS Church considers it one of their "standard works" of scripture. I wrote this article about The Book of Mormon, over on Hubpages.

I would like to share this article with my blogging friends here on A Well Behaved Mormon Woman. I love The Book of Mormon. I am in awe of its truthfulness and power, of which I feel each and every time I open its pages.

The Book of Mormon is true. There is no doubt about this in my mind. The evidences are overwhelming, and not the least of which, is the powerful witness to my soul - through the gift and power of the Holy Ghost, that it is true!

I hope that you enjoy reading about the "most correct book of any on earth" -- The Book of Mormon.

I would love it, if you took the time to make a comment over on the Hub...


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Sarah Palin - A Well Behaved Woman!

I'm really happy about John McCain's choice for his Presidential VP running mate. Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska - has been invited to run along side of John McCain, candidate for President of the United States.

This is historic. Sarah Palin is the first woman to run on the republican party Presidential ticket. If the republican ticket takes the win - Sarah Palin will "break the glass ceiling" for women in politics in the United States. She said so.

What I really like about Sarah Palin, is that as far as I can tell right now - she is one "Well Behaved Woman" herself!

Sarah Palin and her husband Todd, are celebrating their 20th Anniversary on this day of announcing her candidacy. I've been married for 30 years. Sarah Palin is the mother of five children. I am the mother of five children. Sarah Palin has a son serving in the military. I have a son and son-in-law, serving in the USCG. Sarah Palin has three daughters and two sons. I have three daughters and two sons. Sarah Palin if pro-life. I am pro-life. Sarah Palin is a mother first. I am a mother first. Sarah Palin is against same-sex marraige. I am against same-sex marriage. Sarah Palin stands up for what she believes. I stand up for what I believe...

Sarah Palin, "Now- no one expects us to agree on everything, whether in Juno or in Washington, but we are expected to govern with integrity, and good-will and clear convictions and a servants hearts".

From what I am learning about Sarah Palin, I think that she will not only make women in this Country proud, but she will make America proud.

Congratulations Sarah Palin. It is my pleasure to watch another "Well Behaved Woman"!


Update: I just found out that Sarah Palin is from Idaho. I know, that does not mean that she is a Mormon. But, I just had to do a little research to see what I could find out. Right now - the answer is NO, Sarah Palin is not a Mormon. Just thought I would give that to you, who might be wondering the same thing. Wouldn't that have been a hoot though? But that is the word. Let me know if someone knows different?

Sarah Palin's Accomplishments

Ten Things An LDS GrandParent Should Tell Their Grandchildren

"A top ten list of things that are important for the LDS GrandParent to teach their grandchildren."

There are so many important things that we as grandparents, need to tell, teach and share with our grandchildren. The grandparent relationship that we have with each of our our grandchildren, is one of covenant.

Making sure that we take opportunities to let our grandchildren really know, exactly what is most important to us, as their grandparent - sets a pattern for them to not only follow, but helps build their testimonies of gospel principles, that will be a blessing to them throughout their lives.

There are so many variables for our grandchildren. Some of them, may be growing up in homes, where the gospel is not being taught. Some of our grandchildren may be exposed to things in their own homes, that we would never think of allowing in our homes.

The LDS grandparent needs to always remember to take the time that they have with a grandchild - and instill in them, that which is most important - to direct them on an eternal path.

I have put together a list of the Top Ten things that I feel every LDS GrandParent should tell their grandchildren. Let me know if you would change anything on the list, or perhaps add to it?

I also discuss a little bit about Grandchild Journals...


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WBMW - Book Reviews TWILIGHT! Finally...

I'm not even going to get started with my review of the book TWILIGHT on this blog. I will, however - invite you to visit KooLDSgirlZ and read my review of the book TWILIGHT, over there...

I will let you in on one thing... TWILIGHT was not what I had expected. I thought that I was going to be much more critical of TWILIGHT, than I found myself to be.

In fact, I think I know what all the hype is actually about with so many LDS girls and women, with the TWILIGHT series in general. What I found surprising, was that I could see how gospel teachings were supported in a very very faint way. The principle of ETERNAL LOVE, is where this book will grab our eternal desire to be loved, cherished and to belong to something or Someone, greater than ourselves.

Overall, on the book TWILIGHT - I feel author Stephanie Meyer did a good job with what she set out to do.

I've decided to continue the saga -and read New Moon next... I'll get back to you.


The LDS GrandParent Place

"A wonderful new Blog that explores the adventures in grandparenting from an LDS perspective, teaching grandparents how to stay connected to their grandchildren eternally."

I believe that an LDS GrandParent is unique -- from all other grandparents. The LDS Grandparent has an eternal perspective, which gives them an understanding of the sacred relationship that they have with each one of their grandchildren.

It is from this foundational Place, that LDS Grandparents know, just how important the relationship that they develop with a grandchild should be.

The LDS GrandParent Place
, is where this Well Behaved Mormon Woman, plans on spending quite a bit of her time. I am so grateful to be a grandmother... or Nana:-) Truly my grandchildren are the joy of my life. These are such wonderful relationships that we have with each of these precious little ones, that we are so blessed to have in our lives.

I treasure the time that I am able to spend with each one of my grandchildren. I have a great desire, to make certain, that I fulfill my role as an LDS Grandparent, to the best of my ability.

We as grandparents, can be one of the greatest blessings that a grandchild can have. I want to be that, for each one of my grandchildren. As Latter-Day Grandparents, it is our deep understanding of eternal covenants, which we make in Holy Temples - that give the LDS GrandParent - such a unique perspective into Grand-Parenting.

At The LDS GrandParent Place - you are invited to come and explore with me, what it means to be a Grand-Parent of Covenant, and how we can better fulfill this great prepatory calling...


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The Case Against Same-Sex Marriage That You Must Consider...

At BYU Education Week this past week, Professor Lynn Wardle spoke to a group of LDS attorney's in regard to standing up and speaking out against same-sex marriage. He boldly addressed the fear and persecution, that may occur for those who stand in defense of marriage. It is founded, but....

As we think of going out and speaking with friends and colleagues about gay-marriage and encouraging them to defend traditional marriage - we stand in opposition to that which many do not really understand the full ramifications of - if allowed. Same-sex marriage is having and will continue to have profound impact on not only the family, but on society at large.

This is the basis of the information contained in this article, just published in Deseret News this morning...

Deseret News just posted this article...

"Legalizing same-sex marriage will have significant, long-term societal, fiscal and legal consequences just as smoking and divorce do, even among those who don't personally participate.

That's the assessment from Lynn Wardle, a professor of law at Brigham Young University, who encouraged an audience of attorneys at the school's annual Education Week on Thursday to speak out in opposition to same-sex marriage, rather than being silenced by fear.

"Legalizing same-sex marriage or civil unions endangers not only marriage as an institution but will endanger the civil rights" of those who don't approve of it, Wardle said. "It's about the right to express opposition, and those who do so already suffer harassment and hostility."

You can read the entire story here.

As members of the Church, living in California -- we are referred to as "Summer Soldiers" or "Weekend Warriors" by Professor Wardle. I too believe that as we go forth in defense of marriage in California - we are simply continuing a battle that began before we came here. We are here, because we proved valiant then - and could be depended upon here and now - to finish the job.


Attempt To Sabotage California Marriage Prop 8

What next? This really should come as no surprise, considering what is at stake for Mormons in California who are standing up and defending traditional marriage, and exactly what that means. I've also said over and over again, to whoever will listen to me - that to stand for traditional marriage, does not mean that we hate homosexuals.

Like so many others who are watching the ploys of our opposition, it has been quite obvious to me - that those of us who have faith-based opinions about homosexuality, are being undermined at every turn in this debate...


Do you, as a faithful LDS member - hate homosexuals? Sorry, but I need to ask the question. I'm not trying to offend you... although that is offensive to me too!

Heads up:

IF you are a Mormon, who lives in the State of California, and you vote "yes" on Prop 8... guess what? You will be using your "voice" --- "against" those who are gay! In essence, you will be perpetuating a "hate" based proposition. What? Hold on... don't allow yourself to get too upset, yet...

Like I said, we should have expected something this sly -- in the very heated same-sex marriage battle, to throw a major wrench in the mix. Here goes...

This Just In:

Santa Maria Times "Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown has sabotaged Prop. 8, which has legally qualified for the November ballot.

The measure, in a positive way, states clearly for the protection of marriage “only ... between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.”

But Jerry Brown has changed the people's thesis to his antithesis, which will now appear thusly on the fall ballot: “Proposition 8 will eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry.”

The people have stated what they are for. Jerry has made the people state what they are against."

Okay, now you can get upset!

But, only for a minute. Just be educated on what is happening here, and how the supporters of same-sex marriage are creating every loop-hole they can - to continue their battle, as we go forth to defend traditional marriage.


Since when have same-sex couples had the "right" to be married -- EVER?
(Please don't forget that the recent happenings in California by the State Supreme Court are an abuse of powers by those in authority.)

The suggestion that Mormons who defend Marriage in California, are trying to eliminate something that does not even exist... Can you say "Arrogant"?

My purpose for this post, being the Well Behaved Mormon Women that I am, is to make sure that we as LDS members - have clarity in the ongoing spin that is rampant with this most important call to Defend Marriage in California.

Those defending marriage in California, who walk in the voting booth to vote YES on Prop. 8 need to know without a shadow of a doubt - that a Vote YES on Prop 8 is not taking away the rights of Gays to get married. First of all, they NEVER had such a right to be taken away. Second - that is NOT what this Amendment states.

Prop. 8 accomplishes one thing. It re-established and ensures what the people of California have already voted on ONCE before, which is - that only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in the State of California. If a gay person wants to marry someone of the opposite sex... they have just as much a "Right" as the next citizen in California.

Regardless of the "wording" on the ballot when voters go to mark their vote - the actual Amendment itself, infers nothing of the kind in regard to discrimination.

A YES Vote on Prop 8 is saying that you Stand for Traditional Marriage - and has nothing to do with how you feel about homosexuals!


The Cultural Arguement Against Gay Marriage

"Not many years ago it was unutterable, except perhaps as a schoolyard can-you-top-this, or as urban legend. Yet it is one of the most sensational issues of our time, and an almost-impossible topic to avoid. And, from what I’m hearing, it’s not always easy for people like you and me to articulate the reasons we oppose it. It’s called “same-sex marriage.”

This is an excellent article from the faith-based position, for the reasons against Gay Marriage. Many of us find it difficult to have discussions with our non-member, and even some LDS member friends - about our reasons for not supporting same-sex marriage.

As I continually pound... when we take a stand for traditional marriage - it is NOT a position of unkindness toward homosexuals. I think that you will find this article very helpful - as you go forth to defend traditional marriage in a kind and loving way.

We must not allow our opposition in this debate - to win - over such a lack of education about what we really do believe. Distorting the issue is their mass weapon of destruction, in destroying our true position.

For those of us who have been asked to do all that we can to support Marriage in California - this Saturday will mark the beginning of a very aggressive campaign.

Although we have only been asked to go door-to-door in our own neighborhoods, and not really discuss the issue of same-sex marriage, but gathering information on position only --- it is inevitable that questions will arise.

Many faithful LDS members in California, who will go and do as directed, by our own choice - are still somewhat apprehensive about what we must face, in defending Marriage in California.

It is my opinion, that attempting to understand the position of those who support homosexuals on the issue of same-sex marriage, is not a bad idea. In this way, we will be better prepared to speak to our friends and neighbors about the importance of traditional marriage.

Prepare yourselves with an educated arsenal - for positive discussion - and go forth with the Spirit of love.


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The Divine Institution of Marriage - LDS Newsroom

"The Church has a single, undeviating standard of sexual morality: intimate relations are proper only between a husband and a wife united in the bonds of matrimony. The Church’s opposition to same-sex marriage neither constitutes nor condones any kind of hostility towards homosexual men and women. Protecting marriage between a man and a woman does not affect Church members’ Christian obligations of love, kindness and humanity toward all people.

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This quote comes from a just released commentary post, regarding the Divine Institution of Marriage - on the LDS Newsroom website. It is a very long and extensive piece of commentary, much more so than normal. Every member of the Church would do well, to read this in it's entirety...

I chose to extract this particular quote for a number of reasons, but see this particular statement as a straightforward response to groups such as Affirmation, or even individual members who are having a difficult time, separating these issues.

As I have said before... a stand for traditional marriage is not a bash against gay people. We as members of the LDS Church are defending the Divine Institute of Marriage as explained in more detail - in this recent release on the Church's position.

Another quote from this recent commentary just released on the Divine Institution of Marriage:

Marriage is sacred, ordained of God from before the foundation of the world. After creating Adam and Eve, the Lord God pronounced them husband and wife, of which Adam said, “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.”

In my opinion, this is a well received and very timely press release by the LDS Church. Both my husband and myself, under the direction of our Stake Leaders, will be walking our own neighborhood this weekend, to get a feel on how and where our own neighbors are leaning on this position.


Church Issues Response to Affirmation - LDS Newsroom

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints issued the following statement today in response to a press conference organized by Affirmation:

"The issues surrounding same gender attraction deserve careful attention not public posturing. It appears from Affirmation’s actions today that it has opted for a public rather than a private exchange.”

It seems as though the group - Affirmation, is trying to put public pressure on the Church, by making them seem the bad guys in this issue. Nothing could be further from the truth. This statement is meant to set the record straight - as to "who" is dodging who in this situation.

Unfortunately, these are members of the LDS Church, who seem to feel that if enough pressure from the public is directed toward the Church - the Church will change it's policies.

This is a group that generally believe, that changes in Mormon policy - most always come because of "peer" pressure and not revelation. To think that by putting pressure on the Church in such a manner -- could ever change the Eternal Plan of God, regarding the Family!

I am very happy to see The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints come out openly and Stand For Something!


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Mountain Meadows Massacre book to be released and Brigham Young has been found INNOCENT!

Agreed upon by three very credible LDS historians, who happen to be the authors of a new book about the Mountain Meadow Massacre ready for release -- -- Brigham Young is innocent!

There was absolutely no evidence, through the vigorous research that was undertaken in preparation for publication of this book - that Brigham Young ordered the fatal actions that resulted in the massacre at Mountain Meadows. Regardless, this historic event - is a great tragedy in LDS history for the Church, and it is hoped that this book, which has been carefully researched - will help to clarify what really happened on that fateful day!

I personally look forward to reading this long awaited "history" book, collaborated on with the LDS Church with these LDS historians.... from the perspective of the LDS Church as soon as it is officially released.


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Finally I have gotten my hands on a copy of the book Massacre At Mountain Meadows. Here is an excellent review from the Daily Herald - of this book. The LDS Newsroom actually is linking to this article. I think that means, that they like it.

The Awesomeness of Lake Powell...

My Family Favorites
Originally uploaded by LdsNana-WriteOn
A year ago at this time, I was on Lake Powell for my very first time. It was a transforming trip for me, that I will never forget. My Lake Powell photos are among some of my favorite photo streams. I never tire of looking at these pictures and always appreciate the feelings of love, fun, contentment - and the gentle healing that were a part of a very special trip, with very special people in my life -- of which I shall never forget.

There are most likely only a few places or experiences in our entire lives, that can have the power to heal us and testify to us that we truly have a very personal and loving relationship with our Father in Heaven. This for me is one of them... which to this date, can only compare with the Majesty of God, that I feel in His Holy Temples.

It is good to remember...


Stuck For Eternity Through Eternal Covenants

My 18 month old granddaughter Skylee's response, to the fact that she, under NO circumstances - absolutely, no matter what --- can NOT get out of her car-seat while we are driving, gave me some cause to think on covenants. Yes, covenants... eternal covenants.

I know this sounds kind of strange, but her interpretation of these rigid laws of safety in the car, were quite insightful for a little person, in relation to our eternal covenants to and with each other...

When Skylee is in her car-seat and begins to get frustrated because she cannot get out... especially during a long ride -- she tells all of us in the car that she is "stuck". "I'm stuck Nana". It is an announcement, as well as a predicament to Skylee.

On our recent trip to Utah, for a family reunion up in Park City, Sklyee announced to us in great frustration, that she was "stuck"!

Now, here is the part of the conversation that I loved -- we all respond to Skylee and tell her that we too, are stuck. When Skylee sees that all of us have seat belts on and cannot get unstuck either - although frustrating, she calms down. Skylee finds a way to become content once again, until we reach our final destination. We go through this "stuck" monologue every time we go for a ride in the car with Skylee, and on occasion, multiple times during a single car ride.

I love telling Skylee that we are all "stuck" together, and then watching her response to peacefulness occur - when she realizes that "we" are in the same boat with her... stuck!

There is a feeling of love that occurs, when we tell Skylee that we are in this "ride" or journey together - and that we are "stuck" together no matter what. None of us are getting out of it, so to speak. I can easily liken this condition to the eternal covenants we make, to each other and with each other.

This reminds me of what it means to keep our covenants, and knowing that we are on the same path - with the same destination and goals in mind -- even when things get frustrating and we might even feel "stuck" - literally!

My husband and I were having dinner tonight, in celebration of our 30th Wedding Anniversary. We've been through a bit over these long years with our family of five children. We could not help but tease each other a little bit, about the possibility of another 30 years together? We then concluded, that we - like Skylee in her car-seat, are firmly "stuck" together - through eternal covenants. We too, are confident that we will make it safely home - if we are always willing to be "stuck" together.

I love that no matter the many trials, challenges, disappointments and joys we have shared together throughout our married years -- that we both understand that we are sealed by eternal covenants, with promises that are fixed and immovable.

Being "stuck" or sealed together is a wonderful predicament to find oneself in
, and realizing this - is a great key to happiness here and now, but most important - Eternally!