TWILIGHT for LDS women - the book, not the years! I'm not even sure what "years" the twilight years even cover? I think it is right before you croak, or something like that... Anyway, back to TWILIGHT.

Have any of you other LDS women and moms heard about TWILIGHT? Sure you have... because more than likely your teenage daughters have read all three books in the TWILIGHT series and are losing sleep over the fact that the fourth book comes out this weekend! Am I right?

LDS girls are insane about these books! I mean it - this is no joke. I've seen it... ordinary LDS girls - and they can't seem to even think straight after reading even the first book in the TWILIGHT series.

So... I've decided to do something about it. I have started reading TWILIGHT myself.

I'll keep you posted. LDS girls say it is totally clean and it is even written by a member of the Church. Hmmm?

Ask any LDS girl you know - about EDWARD?


Calling All Well Behaved LDS Women!

Today I feel so honored, as an LDS woman - to stand with other "well behaved" Mormon women, who also desire to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others. Recently I became aware of another blog that is "written" by an LDS woman. The thing about this particular blog, is that this LDS blog is all about the Women of Mormonism today - who are getting around online. Do you like that?

Tigersue, as she calls herself, maintains an on-going and ever-growing blog roll -- where she does her very best keeping up with adding blogs, published by LDS women. How cool is this? Mind you, she does not endorse any particular blog, but she does make a place online, not only for LDS women to find each other, but also where a strong LDS Women presence is being created.

Flower Button

I look forward to a wonderful journey, as over time, I am able to discover what many other LDS women are writing about and sharing online. As a result, I will add my favorites, to my own blog-roll here on A Well Behaved Mormon Woman. Those LDS Women blogs that I post here - will be those which I personally believe, maintain high standards of relevant and credible information - regarding Mormons and the women of Mormonism today.

What I really want to convey in this brief post, is just how wonderful it is - to know that so many wonderful women, who just happen to be Mormons - are willing to also go on "record" and share their beliefs with others about Mormonism... and their testimonies of Jesus Christ.

LDS women are all about families, and just as Julie Beck has stated... nobody does "woman" like LDS women and understands womanhood better. (I paraphrase) But that is the general inference. LDS women know what is most important, and do a pretty darn good job remaining focused on those things.

LDS women, are truly Women of Covenant - and it is an honor to stand among them!


ColdPlay Concert Review- Viva La Vida Tour- Hot!

Great review of the Viva La Vida concert from a fan who attended at the LA Forum. Hot YouTube videos and pictures of Cold Play performing. This is my official review of the concert over on Hubpages. I hope that you will come and read it, comment, thumbs UP, bookmark, etc....Love you all.LdsNana

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A Well Behaved Mormon Woman at a ColdPlay Concert?

ColdPlay Concert
Originally uploaded by LdsNana-WriteOn
That's right! Yes me LdsNana... and my way too cool for school son - Alton heading for the ColdPlay concert at the Forum. Believe it or not, I happen to really like ColdPlay -- no kidding! So does just about everyone else in my immediate family, who is cool.

In fact, it was one of my cutie son-in-laws, who before his mission and while he and my daughter Brittney were dating - that he introduced me to ColdPlay one night. It has been love ever since. When he came home from his mission - we took him to a Coldplay concert then. This is my third ColdPlay concert and Alton's first. Isn't that special:-)

But Alton and I were the lucky ones, who live in California and were able to go to the ColdPlay Viva La Vida concert at the Forum last night. It was the opening night of the concert tour for ColdPlay... and they were just so "stupid" -- that it HURT! LOL

It was a great night for mom and son though... quite the bonding experience as you can see. We picked up these great ColdPlay t-shirts right after we pulled off the freeway in L.A. Vendors were literally stopping traffic and selling these cheap t-shirts, which are actually really nice.

So here we are... taking a picture using my iphone -- at the corner mini-mart before the concert!

I must say... I love Twitter. A big thank you goes out to all the twits over there that totally indulged this LdsNana as -- she sent tweets out throughout the day and even during the ColdPlay concert -- and -- acted like a teenager herself. But don't worry -- I am now back to normal and working to regain some credibility once again. LOL

But most of all... I thank my amazingly mature son Alton, (16) who was willing to go with his "mom" and actually hang with her throughout most all of the ColdPlay concert. He had buddies there and could have easily dogged me. Although that would have been fine with me... cuz I was getting so crazy I would not have noticed. (right) But really -- how cool is that? I love that kid:-)

What a great night:-)


More amazing iphone quality pictures from the ColdPlay Concert with LdsNana...

LDS Girls Who Know Who They Are - Know What They Want and Know How To Get It!

LDS girls are different than most of their peers. LDS girls tend to make better choices than other girls in the world today. This is to me, what sets LDS girls apart from other young women.

LDS parents, from the earliest age possible, begin to teach their children about the power of making right choices. Making good choices results in positive consequences. Smart parents allow their children, age appropriate and according to what they have taught their children - to make their own choices and learn from the consequences in place.

I believe that it is this intense focus, of LDS parents - that LDS girls, in particular are much better than their peers in making good choices - even teenage LDS girls.

From a Mormon perspective, I credit the moral teachings of Jesus Christ, which when lived - result in greater happiness. LDS girls know who they are and learn to act accordingly. Not our of coercion, but out of love for Jesus Christ and a desire to be happy.

Come on over to Hubpages and read the entire article I have written on LDS Girls.

LDS Girls Who Know Who They Are - Know What They Want and Know How To Get It!


LDS Members Defending Marriage in California

I've been having some rather interesting conversations with some fellow Mormons over the last few days. We've been talking about the recent direction from the First Presidency, that they have issued to California members of the Church.

Also, if you have been reading different Mormon or LDS blogs online, you might be surprised at the reactions of many other Mormons, over this recent letter from Salt Lake - strongly admonishing local members to support the upcoming amendment to protect traditional marriage through the California Constitution.

I'm really not shocked that so many good members of the Church are not comfortable taking a public stand on this issue. I am shocked that so many good LDS members are having such a knee-jerk reaction to this request -- against Church leadership. Whom, by the way we all sustain, right?

I believe when members of the LDS Church become a bit more educated on what it means to defend traditional marriage in California - then perhaps they will be more comfortable with the topic and see more clearly the inspiration of these men who have been called of God.

Too many good people, I believe, are swept away with being made to feel that a vote for traditional marriage - is a vote against gay people.

Please - nothing could be further from the truth. If you don't know why this is the case - then a bit more education about the universal institute of marriage in society is necessary.

This issue of defending traditional marriage, goes much much deeper than the superficial argument to live and let live. It's not just about being neighborly...


Mississippi river at the end of the Trail of Tears - Nauvoo, Ill. July 24th 2007

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The beautiful Mississippi river at sunset. I took this shot after walking the sorrowful TRAIL OF TEARS in Nauvoo, Ill.

My husband and I, took a wonderful LDS Church History tour last year. It was a wonderful culmination for me personally, as I had just finished teaching the D&C and LDS Church History in seminary for the year.

Bob and I, were more knowledgeable than most who were tour guides, etc... It was really quite funny... we had to watch ourselves. lol

Oh how I hope they call me on a mission someday:-)


A Well Behaved Mormon Woman Is Getting Around...

I could not be more pleased... Just yesterday, I got word back from LDS and Mormon Blogs, that they had accepted my submission for this blog, A Well Behaved Mormon Woman - and have officially added Me to their Mormon writer's blog roll. Finally, I am part of the family!

You see, no one as yet will add LdsNana-AskMormon on Hubpages - because most of the blog rolls online do not consider how Hubpages is set-up - to be a typical "blog". So LdsNana-AskMormon has still not qualified to be added along side of, and with other Mormon bloggers, much to my disappointment.

Hey - I'm doing online missionary work too! lol

I enjoy writing as LdsNana-AskMormon. I feel as though it has been a tremendous way to expose many non-members of the Church to Mormonism. I am quite emphatic in letting my readers know, that I am not an official spokesperson for Mormonism, nor am I an apologist for the LDS Church. However, I do my best to make sure that those who do read my Hubs, understand that I am simply a lay member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints and that I will write, in what I refer to as... lay-member style.

So, that's what I do on Hubpages. My main goal online, is to be a credible member voice - in talking about those things that are relevant about Mormons, Mormonism and the Church today.

Deciding a few months back, to start this blog about A Well Behaved Mormon Woman (that's me) came about because of some opposition that I initially had to contend with warmly by some on Hubpages, that apparently were "tired of hearing about God". I felt I needed to be able to write from my heart, and not in the magazine style and formality that Hubpages demands of my work.

Anyway... I like this blog about this Well Behaved Mormon Woman, who is now starting to get around a little bit more:-)

I want to thank in particular, David H. Sundwall of A Soft Answer, who maintains the LDS Blogs list. I noticed that he has kindly added my link to his own personal blog roll.

How cool is that?


California Mormons Asked By Top Leaders To Defend Marriage!

Leaders From the very top of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints have issued a letter to all members in California. The letter addresses the issue of same-sex marriage, which is currently legal in California. LDS members are being urged and encouraged to do "all that you can" to support and defend traditional marriage. California citizens have rallied together and collected enough signatures to have an amendment to the California State Constitution placed on the ballot this November. Mormons who live in California are being asked to work together with other faith-based organization in order to claim a victory on the only definition of marriage, which is between a man and a woman.

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