Kelli Baker - So You Think You Can Dance -- Found in Utah and Yes, She is a Mormon!

I just found out from one of the comments that was posted on my Hub, that Kelli Baker is definitely a member of the LDS Church.

First, she auditioned in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Second, my "modar" went off when I watched her dancing and interview segments.

Third, she said she didn't gamble! LOL

So, how did I do? Not bad, eh?

I guess that after I spent the last few months blogging about both David Archuleta and Brooke White, who happen to be Mormons -- well, how could I not follow Kelli Baker?

Now, I am posted a video and short summary about Robert Muraine. I knew that he was not a Mormon. But for some strange reason, I just went for Kelli Baker -- somehow knowing, that I would confirm that yes, this Kelli Baker is a Mormon...

She is extremely talented. But, she does have a lot of experience under her belt. You will never guess who her mom just happens to be? This is quite the story...

Kelli Baker - So You Think You Can Dance -- Found in Utah and Yes, She is a Mormon!

Women of Mormonism... Learning About Us!

I continue to study the history of the women of Mormonism. I am still reading "Women of the Covenant". I am so impressed with this book and hope that many more women will read it. Although I have been an active member of the LDS Church for over 30 years now and have even served as a ward Relief Society President - there are so many details of our early history about women, that I was not aware of.

I guess what surprises me about this is... I am a reader:-) It's not like I just fell off the turnip truck and have now decided to learn about Mormonism. For me personally - as I read this history and others, I am almost feeling somewhat cheated. I can only really blame this on myself though. It is not like the information has not been out there. I just had not either been listening, looking or perhaps realizing that I needed to care more?

I have always known the importance of women in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints. My overall experience in dealing with men in The Church has been positive. I have a few interactions, which I would prefer to ignore! LOL I love the men of the LDS faith. They take their responsibilities very very seriously. Sometimes they go a little overboard, but I am grateful for these men - who are so different because of the teachings of the Gospel, from other men.

In reflecting on the organization of the Women's Relief Society of the LDS Church, one most often is reminded of the words of the prophet Joseph Smith Jr. He commented that The Church was not perfectly organized until the women were organized... I thought I knew what this meant. I was wrong. But it all makes perfect sense to me now. Now, that I think about it. That's the problem though. I don't think enough of us women in the LDS Church have really given this statement and its meaning a whole lot of thought.

Now that I have been reading "Women of the Covenant" and other books; as well as scouring Ensign talks - I am giving it a lot of thought!

I am loving what I am learning and feel to shout it out! I am currently writing a hub for my website over on about this very journey. I hope to publish it soon.

I am just really excited to learn so many details, that I had not previously grasped so well. Really, it is kind of embarrasing. One thing is for sure... I have not been alone. I don't expect to be alone now either... as I share with many of you, what has touched me so deeply about this discovery or awakening you might say.


Robert Muraine - So You Think You Can Dance... STUPID HOT!

You have got to see this guy and his amazing moves! He probably won't win the competition, but everyone will know who Robert Muraine is, and what he can do. You have never seen anything like this before - I promise! WOW!

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Well Behaved and Feeling Really Good About It!

Wow, right now I am truly exhausted! On May 15th, the State that I live in - California, overturned the ban on gay marriage. Back in 2000, I actually went door to door collecting signatures to get Prop. 22 on the ballot. After a lot of effort by many people who value traditional marriage, Prop. 22 passed! Hooray:-)

That victory has turned out to be short-lived. After a match of tennis with members of government, who have a lot of authority - only eight years passing by, brought this truly Un-constitutional action by the California State Supreme Court! So very disappointing really.

Well, when I feel passionate about a thing, I have found that I enjoy writing about it, and that is precisely what I did next... I published the article "California Gay Marriage Ban - Overturned..." on This is where I write about Mormonism, as LdsNana-AskMormon!

I knew that I would be putting myself out on a limb - by writing about what had happened with the Voters overturn in California - regarding the ban on gay marriage.

You see I have worked really hard over on Hubpages, with my desire to share the Gospel with as many over there, who were willing to allow me to do so. After a bit of a bumpy start, I feel that I have developed a very nice relationship with many of my fellow-hubbers over there. I really do like the people who write on Hubpages.

So, of course I knew that although many had been kind enough to allow me to write about Mormonism - I really wasn't so sure how my writing about such a controversial subject would pan out? Yes, politics is more volatile than even religion...

I published this hub on the 15th, in the afternoon. In the space of three days, I have accumulated about 50 comments from my fellow-hubbers on Hubpages. Most of the comments that I received were from those who were very supportive of this overturn on gay marriage in California.

The comments were posted and I did my best to respond in a way, which would help facilitate constructive dialogue and hopefully not inflame or offend. I was very fortunate to have a few people who posted, post comments that were supportive of my same position of defending traditional marriage.

As the comments began to pile up, there was a brief moment that I felt personally overwhelmed. I think it was because I felt that I needed to personally respond to each and every posters comments. Thankfully, I soon recognized that this was really almost impossible. It was kind of a strange experience though... thinking that this was my sole responsibility.

So, what did I do? Well, I decided to simply "thank" those who commented and engaged with me in such a positive and informative discussion. I acknowledged that it was a very difficult subject to do so and requested a desire from all - to find understanding. I wasn't sure how this would go over with some who had made some very strong "presentations" on the thread.

After I gave a comment summarizing these feelings, one of the posters came on to the thread right away and also expressed his pleasure in the dialogue we had engaged in, when normally "reasonable" people have a difficult time doing such a thing!

Well, as you can imagine - that has made my day today! Perhaps this is a silly thing to some? I mean, why should being able to "communicate" on a topic such as gay marriage be something to celebrate?

Because, people today are feeling that they must defend at all cost their positions on this topic, as it is so important. Problems is - it is the judging and sensationalism which will immediately inflame a conversation, thus putting an abrupt stop on seeking communication and understanding with another individual.

No one is the devil here.

As a Mormon Christian women, speaking out on gay marriage and the desire to defend traditional marriage, one is most often not met with the kindest of responses... Often times, the conversation will immediately turn to a judgement of one or the other and never a show of true respect for differences, which we all have a right to have.

Whether one person presumes to interpret the other, the situation soon arises and unfortunately - the assumption is usually wrong. Based on these wrong assumptions, it is difficult to press forward and just discuss the differences without all the personal "stuff".

I have blogged on threads in the past, where positive communication can become difficult, because of the fact that people are telling other people what is right and what is wrong about what and how they are choosing to live. I am convinced, that this type basis for a conversation - will never create a respectful climate between people, therefore - no understanding nor respect will be gained or given.

I was really proud of all the posters that commented on this thread over on Although strong opinions were offered and honest disagreement was returned - I believe that all felt that they were able to both give and receive during this discussion.

Personally, I never want to blog ever again - unless others truly want to see what or how they can help find understanding with those they are engaging in conversation with - lest we all just are wasting away our time.