Prop 8: What If... How Long, and Just How Bad?

As members of the Church, and to those particularly living in California - we have been called to ACTION! We have been invited by those who hold priesthood keys, to "do all that *we* can" - to help pass Proposition 8. A YES on 8 vote, will amend the state constitution, where only marriage between a man and a woman would be recognized, and legal in California. To those of us who understand that marriage is one of the core doctrines, of the Gospel of Jesus Christ - this seems imperative; if the Gospel is to roll forth, as anticipated...

However, we also know that evil will increase in the last days. As many of us, both in and outside of California, are working very hard to do what we have been asked; and because we are compelled to do so... the "What if" question, looms in the background.

What if Proposition 8 does NOT pass?

I'm not really talking about what will happen in our school systems, and I'm not talking about an elevation in religious persecutions, etc... I am talking about our FAITH and determination, to continue to do all that we can, to help the Kingdom roll forth...

With election day less than two weeks away, I am finding myself experiencing feelings, that seem *almost* melancholy-like. Very hard to pin-point actually. I don't believe that these feelings are based in fear, but perhaps in more of the unknown - uncertainties.

One part of me, tells myself that if those with "priesthood keys" have called us to action, then we can bind the Lord, and win this thing. My other voice, is gently whispering to me - that this is a test, regardless of outcome; it is all part of His Plan. In my reality - I believe both are true.

I have expressed in previous posts, that fighting this current battle - gives one feelings of pre-mortal deja vu. I am confident that we have had much practice on this very same spiritual battlefield, thus a major reason we are placed here upon the earth, now. We were sent to be victorious... of this, I have no doubt.

I suppose the thoughts that linger in the recesses of my mind, are more akin to "how long"? How long will we fight this battle, before we have ultimate victory? Silly question, eh? We all know when that final verdict will be. But how rocky will our path become? How dense and thick will the fog to find truth, become? Instead of our being a light on a hill, are we going to need fog-lights to find and lead the way? I think that just might be the case... A fog light on a hill! I think some would describe that, as a lighthouse.

Which leads to another question... How bad? Yes, I believe that this - really is the question that many of the faithful, are most likely asking ourselves; in the midst of this current fog that has settled over the earth.

How bad will this world become, of which we have been called to be a light, even a Lighthouse? I love the doctrine of opposition. I believe that it is in the very darkest places of our lives, that we are most drawn to LIGHT.

I just pray that those of the faithful, will remain, come what may... so that others can find the LIGHT, too.



  1. Exactly my thoughts and what I've been feeling. I'd add "nostalgia" to the list of emotions as I have thought back to what it used to be like to "be an American". I was so fortunate to have lived in a fairly isolated community where there was still the belief in self-government, biblical morality, and apple pie. It was Norman Rockwell in Red-Rock country of Southern Utah. At least that's my memory of it, but you can never go home again, they say.

    Then i think of my own kids. I've tried to give them a neighborhood as free of child molesters and other malefactors as possible. We live in a fairly isolated part of our county, but still close enough for them to encounter society and learn to socialize in this great big world. But what will their memories of America be? Will it be feeling outcast because they happened to have been taught the ideals that our Founding Fathers put in place?

    What will they do with that upbringing? Will the university system brainwash them into thinking it was all a ruse and conspiracy by white anglo-saxon protestants (WASPs) to oppress the poor and multi-racial? Or will they recognize history as it played out in its own particular eras?

    Finally, when they encounter a person who engages in homosexual behaviors, will their upbringing (which has been to tolerate people, but not sinful behavior) be able to withstand the sophistry of the silver-tongued elites who would paint them as bigots for simply believing marriage between a man and a woman is nature's and God's intention for human relationships?

    And, indeed, how long?

  2. rob -

    Thanks for commenting. I was beginning to feel as though I was alone with my thinking... Yes, I also like the word "nostalgia".

    As parents, particularly LDS/Christian parents, we work hard to ensure for our children, as wholesome of an upbringing as possible, wherever we live. After all, it's our job.

    I have come to accept, that regardless of the Prop 8 outcome in California - times have changed. We have turned a corner in "time", which has created a world, that we did not grow up in, of which our children, will.

    I think you are right... I have been feeling nostalgic about what I had, even what I was able to create for my own children. Going forward, for my almost 9 grandchildren, and their parents - it is a different world. A world, that is hard to imagine, and yet is now all of our reality.

    I also have a great concern, that the current "tolerance", of which our children going forward must navigate through - will cause much greater challenges for parents to teach truth. Distortion, dilutes truth - and the ability to recognize it.

    With that said, I also believe that our youth can do it. I believe this, because I know their parents - and I believe that every generation is better; when built on a foundation of truth.

    Yes, how long?

    Thanks for taking the time to ponder with me.


  3. we posted about this too, me and my wife, even though we are here in Saudi Arabia. We will try to place the widget in our sidebar. My latest posting is about an influential blogger who singles out the LDS effort in defeating the Prop.

  4. As we have been reminded over and over again, we need not fear. I've been in the thick of things here in California, and honestly I find it exhilerating--in my mind, at least, the lines are drawn clearly; do you hear the trumpets calling us to battle? I suspect this is just a skirmish compaired to what is ahead, one we must fight not for the sake of winning alone, but for the experience we need to fight those future battles.

  5. Paula -

    No doubt. I have told many others, that I believe that the current battle over Prop 8, is just practice. Like you, I do hear the trumpets blowing, loud and clear!

    Thanks for your positive comment. It is the energy, commitment and truth that many of us share, that will strengthen us all - on to victory:-)


  6. As always, a very thoughtful and well written post. Thank you for sharing. I really love your blog.

    James H

  7. I'm not disagreeing with your right to your beliefs - by all means, I am the last to judge. But who are we to decide what other human beings have the right to do? Ultimately, if you believe it is against God's will, do you not believe he will do what he deems necessary when the time comes around? I believe they should be allowed to marry whom they love, and raise children as any other couple would. Let them live their lives as they like, and let God handle it when they pass to the next stage...

  8. bluetizy -

    Prop 8 passed by over 5 million votes. Laws are the product of the morality of a people. I believe that it is my right, and moral responsibility to vote my conscience on all issues. Prop 8 was a product of MY vote being disenfranchised in 2000, on this very same issue. Californians have once again, spoken.

    It is the "state" that monitors marriage today, and they have many restrictions for the benefit of society; not intended to take away rights. For example, the "state" does not allow siblings to marry, parent child, first cousins, etc... Some states do not allow those with syphillis, etc.. to marry. Are we taking away their legal rights, or has a wise decision been made by responsible law makers?

    Sure, they can live as they want, but the responsible voice of the people - has determined that it is not best for our state:-)


  9. I just really don't understand why people don't just worry about their OWN souls, the only souls they have control of, and let the rest of the world worry about their own. :( It's God's job to judge, not anyone here on earth's, and if you're religion tells you that it's wrong, don't do it yourself.

    The most common point in the Bible is not judging others, because it's a sin for us to do so.

  10. Stephanie,

    You're half correct. God does not want us to judge each other on a personal basis. We have no right to say things like "God hates f**s" and "you're going to hell for this" or anything like that. In this, you are correct. We have no right to judge whether God will be merciful or just based on their intentions and personal circumstances. That's completely up to Him because He knows and sees all things and looks upon the heart.

    But, God does want us to judge between right and wrong. He made it clear in the scriptures that homosexuality and other practices that are not within the bounds He has set are wrong. His commandment from the very first chapters of Genesis all the way to the end of the New Testament was that man and woman shall cleave one to another, being chaste before marriage and having complete fidelity after. There never was a single instance in the Bible of God condoning a man marrying a man or a woman marrying a woman. It was always and ever shall be a man and a woman.

  11. Thank you Rob. Excellent answer....

    Stephanie - I think it is wonderful, that it is God who has set the standards for morality, therefore - HE does not require us to make these determinations, but to live His laws, and recognize that there are clear choices in this life as to what is wrong and what is right.

    You see, God expects us to know the difference - so that we CAN choose His way.

    He knew that there would be contrasting choices in this life. Those who follow the Savior and His teachings, must make a choice - and that requires discernment, using His standards of truth.

    We are not judging from our own perspectives and standards, but from God's laws, which have been clearly made known.


  12. I am so thankful that p8 passed. The consequences would have been horrendous, but the danger is not passed.

    I've been reading "The Marketing of Evil" by Kupelian, have you read it? It shows how we got to where we are and the trickery involved with the gay agenda.

    It is truly eye opening.

  13. beetlebabee -

    I too, am so grateful that it passed. But I also realize that this will never be over, and in fact is probably only the beginning of the attack on traditional marriage, and the family.

    No, I haven't read the book. I'll look into it though. I have no doubt that there is a clear agenda, which is very manipulative and evil - to push this cause and many others, forward.



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