Ten Things An LDS GrandParent Should Tell Their Grandchildren

"A top ten list of things that are important for the LDS GrandParent to teach their grandchildren."

There are so many important things that we as grandparents, need to tell, teach and share with our grandchildren. The grandparent relationship that we have with each of our our grandchildren, is one of covenant.

Making sure that we take opportunities to let our grandchildren really know, exactly what is most important to us, as their grandparent - sets a pattern for them to not only follow, but helps build their testimonies of gospel principles, that will be a blessing to them throughout their lives.

There are so many variables for our grandchildren. Some of them, may be growing up in homes, where the gospel is not being taught. Some of our grandchildren may be exposed to things in their own homes, that we would never think of allowing in our homes.

The LDS grandparent needs to always remember to take the time that they have with a grandchild - and instill in them, that which is most important - to direct them on an eternal path.

I have put together a list of the Top Ten things that I feel every LDS GrandParent should tell their grandchildren. Let me know if you would change anything on the list, or perhaps add to it?

I also discuss a little bit about Grandchild Journals...


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