Stuck For Eternity Through Eternal Covenants

My 18 month old granddaughter Skylee's response, to the fact that she, under NO circumstances - absolutely, no matter what --- can NOT get out of her car-seat while we are driving, gave me some cause to think on covenants. Yes, covenants... eternal covenants.

I know this sounds kind of strange, but her interpretation of these rigid laws of safety in the car, were quite insightful for a little person, in relation to our eternal covenants to and with each other...

When Skylee is in her car-seat and begins to get frustrated because she cannot get out... especially during a long ride -- she tells all of us in the car that she is "stuck". "I'm stuck Nana". It is an announcement, as well as a predicament to Skylee.

On our recent trip to Utah, for a family reunion up in Park City, Sklyee announced to us in great frustration, that she was "stuck"!

Now, here is the part of the conversation that I loved -- we all respond to Skylee and tell her that we too, are stuck. When Skylee sees that all of us have seat belts on and cannot get unstuck either - although frustrating, she calms down. Skylee finds a way to become content once again, until we reach our final destination. We go through this "stuck" monologue every time we go for a ride in the car with Skylee, and on occasion, multiple times during a single car ride.

I love telling Skylee that we are all "stuck" together, and then watching her response to peacefulness occur - when she realizes that "we" are in the same boat with her... stuck!

There is a feeling of love that occurs, when we tell Skylee that we are in this "ride" or journey together - and that we are "stuck" together no matter what. None of us are getting out of it, so to speak. I can easily liken this condition to the eternal covenants we make, to each other and with each other.

This reminds me of what it means to keep our covenants, and knowing that we are on the same path - with the same destination and goals in mind -- even when things get frustrating and we might even feel "stuck" - literally!

My husband and I were having dinner tonight, in celebration of our 30th Wedding Anniversary. We've been through a bit over these long years with our family of five children. We could not help but tease each other a little bit, about the possibility of another 30 years together? We then concluded, that we - like Skylee in her car-seat, are firmly "stuck" together - through eternal covenants. We too, are confident that we will make it safely home - if we are always willing to be "stuck" together.

I love that no matter the many trials, challenges, disappointments and joys we have shared together throughout our married years -- that we both understand that we are sealed by eternal covenants, with promises that are fixed and immovable.

Being "stuck" or sealed together is a wonderful predicament to find oneself in
, and realizing this - is a great key to happiness here and now, but most important - Eternally!



  1. That's funny. Whenever my husband and I are having a disagreement or going through hard times, we always think of it this way. We say "well we have to figure out a way to be happy and get along because we are stuck with each other forever".

    It's quite a powerful thing.

  2. My wife and I will be "happy stuck" for time and eternity for 32 years. Next year, it will be a third of a century! Wow! :-)



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