Sarah Palin - A Well Behaved Woman!

I'm really happy about John McCain's choice for his Presidential VP running mate. Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska - has been invited to run along side of John McCain, candidate for President of the United States.

This is historic. Sarah Palin is the first woman to run on the republican party Presidential ticket. If the republican ticket takes the win - Sarah Palin will "break the glass ceiling" for women in politics in the United States. She said so.

What I really like about Sarah Palin, is that as far as I can tell right now - she is one "Well Behaved Woman" herself!

Sarah Palin and her husband Todd, are celebrating their 20th Anniversary on this day of announcing her candidacy. I've been married for 30 years. Sarah Palin is the mother of five children. I am the mother of five children. Sarah Palin has a son serving in the military. I have a son and son-in-law, serving in the USCG. Sarah Palin has three daughters and two sons. I have three daughters and two sons. Sarah Palin if pro-life. I am pro-life. Sarah Palin is a mother first. I am a mother first. Sarah Palin is against same-sex marraige. I am against same-sex marriage. Sarah Palin stands up for what she believes. I stand up for what I believe...

Sarah Palin, "Now- no one expects us to agree on everything, whether in Juno or in Washington, but we are expected to govern with integrity, and good-will and clear convictions and a servants hearts".

From what I am learning about Sarah Palin, I think that she will not only make women in this Country proud, but she will make America proud.

Congratulations Sarah Palin. It is my pleasure to watch another "Well Behaved Woman"!


Update: I just found out that Sarah Palin is from Idaho. I know, that does not mean that she is a Mormon. But, I just had to do a little research to see what I could find out. Right now - the answer is NO, Sarah Palin is not a Mormon. Just thought I would give that to you, who might be wondering the same thing. Wouldn't that have been a hoot though? But that is the word. Let me know if someone knows different?

Sarah Palin's Accomplishments


  1. Nana,
    It was nice to read the comparison that you made between yourself and the new vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin. It has made it easier for me to visualize the type of women she may be.
    Although many of us were pulling for Romney, this is a good choice for the VP Republican ticket, surprising I must admit, but good.
    This has given me a tidbit of information regarding the candidate. Thank you.

  2. Um... Geraldine Ferraro ran as VP on the Democratic ticket back in '84. So... yeah, no glass ceiling for all of politics.

    Nice try though! Research is fun, ain't it?

  3. @ Troy -

    "Palin is the first woman to run on the *republican* party Presidential ticket".

    THAT is historic!

    Yes, research is fun. YOU did not read my post very well here... did you? :-)


  4. Molly -

    Yes, I did make a comparison. I made it for the reason that I wanted to point out that this is a good woman, like so many of us who stand for what is good and right.

    IMHO, Sarah Palin is a good example of what I think of as a "well behaved woman" in the world today. She is a family woman first. Next, she steps out of her comfort zone and speaks up for what is right. Third - because of this, she is able to make a positive impact in the world around her.

    Sarah Palin is a good role-model for women in the United States. But, she is doing it big! LOL

    She is a good example of using who you are - and taking that to the next step. I really like this about her:-)

    I look forward to getting to know her better...

    Sarah Palin - Tall:-)


  5. Her wikipedia page says she's "protestant" so I guess that rules out LDS. Wish it was a bit more specific though.

  6. @rouge -

    Yes, I read that as well. I have also heard the description of her religious background, as evangelical.


  7. I guess I've been watching too many cartoons. I usually keep pretty up to date on politics too...but I had no idea he (McCain) actually chose someone! From what you say about her, I like her too! I'll have to learn more. Thanks for being the first to inform me :)

  8. I am very impressed with Gov. Palin as well. She seems to be a woman that many of us can relate to, who is not afraid to stand up for good old-fashioned values! I spent a good deal of time yesterday learning a lot about her. I hope she has the opportunity to show the world exactly what she's made of!

  9. Jennette -

    These are my exact same thoughts, about Governor Palin. I too hope that she can get above her many critics right now -- and really show her stuff!

    I can't wait:-)


  10. I love to do family history research, so this is a fun question to ask. If anybody who reads this blog can find any additional information, please share it in the comments section:

    From Wikipedia:

    "Palin was born Sarah Louise Heath in Sandpoint, Idaho, the third of four children of Sarah Heath (nee Sheeran), a school secretary, and Charles R. Heath, a science teacher and track coach. Her family moved to Alaska when she was an infant. As a child, she would sometimes go moose hunting with her father before school, and the family regularly ran 5K and 10K races."

    I could not find any information about her father to make a definitive connection, but I may have found her grandfather. Charles Renfrow Heath was born 17 October 1923 in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho. He served in the Army in WWII. According to his obituary in the Idaho State Journal he was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he enjoyed fishing and hunting, he married Mary Johnson on 19 August 1930, and he was survived by family members which included his son Charlie R.

    Can anybody confirm whether or not this Charlie R. is the father of Sarah Heath Palin, the Vice President running mate of John McCain, republican presidential nominee?

  11. Hi Josh -

    Thanks for the info. Although, I am surprised that this is all that Wiki came up with on Sarah Palin.

    In regards to Sarah Palin, and her family connections to Mormonism... I figured as much, that "somewhere" there would be a connection.

    Looks like you may have found it. Makes complete sense. I will look forward to see if anyone can give us a sure confirmation that the possible grandfather, that you have identified -- is indeed, Sarah Palin"s Mormon grandfather.

    Good work... now don't leave us hanging here. We expect some good follow-up! LOL


  12. I have a sneaking suspicion that Sarah P. disdains mormons as she is a devout evangelical... It's just a matter of time before they find a sermon confirming this, they already have one about jews needing to get right with jesus.
    By the way how come conservative moms with "traditional values" aren't freaking out about her leaving a 3 day old special needs baby to go back to work! Even the prime minister of england, tony blair took a year off for maturnity leave, doesn't she have a Lt. gov to take over?

  13. ivonnatinkle -

    Perhaps you will be right...

    That still would not take away the many "good" things about Sarah Palin.

    As with any who denounce another group of people, it is most always based in ignorance.

    If Sarah Palin does not like the "Mormons" - I am certain that she would change her mind, if educated thoroughly.

    LDS people rock:-)

    In regards to her personal decision when to return to work after having her baby... I trust her judgement as a mother. It is also my understanding, that she has tremendous family support.

    As a grandmother myself, I helped with one of my grandchildren within weeks of his birth. My daughter, had a few classes at UCLA that she needed to finish up, so that I could then hold that same baby while she WALKED, just a few weeks later.

    Oh, the joys of motherhood!


  14. Well, if Sarah Palin isn't Mormon is Joe Bidden Mormon?

  15. Well-behaved, and standing-up-for-right she may be..... but I would have hoped that someone only a heartbeat away from the presidency would have a little knowledge of foreign policy.. (speaking from the standpoint of someone out here in the big world Palin knows little about)

  16. Mari -

    It sounds as though you, like myself - have been observing the "snippets" and "soundbites", that the media has been dishing out in heaves, over the last week or so...

    I'm not sure if we have, as yet - really heard what, or where, Sara Palin stands in full, on many of these topics?

    Like you, I anxiously await tonight's debate between she and Senator Biden.

    What I have noticed about Sarah Palin, is that she has a very unique style of communication. It is not a style, that is respected by the mainstream media. Sarah Palin is being made fun of, because of this, I believe - and for more than even what she has actually said.

    I'm still pulling for her, and hope that she has an opportunity, un-cut - tonight during the debate; to show her stuff.

    Afterall, this is why we have these debates... so the people can see for "themselves", and NOT through the eyes of others.



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