Mountain Meadows Massacre book to be released and Brigham Young has been found INNOCENT!

Agreed upon by three very credible LDS historians, who happen to be the authors of a new book about the Mountain Meadow Massacre ready for release -- -- Brigham Young is innocent!

There was absolutely no evidence, through the vigorous research that was undertaken in preparation for publication of this book - that Brigham Young ordered the fatal actions that resulted in the massacre at Mountain Meadows. Regardless, this historic event - is a great tragedy in LDS history for the Church, and it is hoped that this book, which has been carefully researched - will help to clarify what really happened on that fateful day!

I personally look forward to reading this long awaited "history" book, collaborated on with the LDS Church with these LDS historians.... from the perspective of the LDS Church as soon as it is officially released.


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Finally I have gotten my hands on a copy of the book Massacre At Mountain Meadows. Here is an excellent review from the Daily Herald - of this book. The LDS Newsroom actually is linking to this article. I think that means, that they like it.


  1. Nana,
    I am so excited for this new book. I was excited when the article was published in the Ensign last year. The publication of that article opened the door for discussion in church, something that 5 years ago when I taught seminary I was told was TABU to discuss. Immediately following that article we had a YSA fireside and I was asked to speak to the young adults on the subject. It was a wonderful evening and I do believe that everyone went away with many questions answered. This is a big step for our church, as the article you posted stated, showing "maturity and confidence to be able to come to terms with their past."

    I will keep a close watch out for this book!

  2. ITDH -

    I really am looking forward to reading this book too, for many of the same reasons that you stated. I too have seen a good change in many more LDS members willingness - to discuss the Mountain Meadow Massacre more openly, since the Ensign article.

    Also, I taught D&C two years ago, and found it still a touchy subject for CES to really move on, and yet - the topic was moving. It was a really frustrating experience for a teacher.

    What really surprised me, was that until the Church published the article, many members were not even aware of the incident.

    So, this should be really helpful in educating both members and non-members on the Mountain Meadows Massacre and in a credible way.

    Thanks for your comment.



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