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"The Church has a single, undeviating standard of sexual morality: intimate relations are proper only between a husband and a wife united in the bonds of matrimony. The Church’s opposition to same-sex marriage neither constitutes nor condones any kind of hostility towards homosexual men and women. Protecting marriage between a man and a woman does not affect Church members’ Christian obligations of love, kindness and humanity toward all people.

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This quote comes from a just released commentary post, regarding the Divine Institution of Marriage - on the LDS Newsroom website. It is a very long and extensive piece of commentary, much more so than normal. Every member of the Church would do well, to read this in it's entirety...

I chose to extract this particular quote for a number of reasons, but see this particular statement as a straightforward response to groups such as Affirmation, or even individual members who are having a difficult time, separating these issues.

As I have said before... a stand for traditional marriage is not a bash against gay people. We as members of the LDS Church are defending the Divine Institute of Marriage as explained in more detail - in this recent release on the Church's position.

Another quote from this recent commentary just released on the Divine Institution of Marriage:

Marriage is sacred, ordained of God from before the foundation of the world. After creating Adam and Eve, the Lord God pronounced them husband and wife, of which Adam said, “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.”

In my opinion, this is a well received and very timely press release by the LDS Church. Both my husband and myself, under the direction of our Stake Leaders, will be walking our own neighborhood this weekend, to get a feel on how and where our own neighbors are leaning on this position.



  1. This is such an important issue for Californians right now. It is clear the stand that the LDS Church has taken. I hope that as members of the church we are willing to stand behind the stand that it has taken as well.

    Thank you for pointing us in the direction of the article that was issued from the LDS Newsroom. It is very thorough and informative.


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