The Cultural Arguement Against Gay Marriage

"Not many years ago it was unutterable, except perhaps as a schoolyard can-you-top-this, or as urban legend. Yet it is one of the most sensational issues of our time, and an almost-impossible topic to avoid. And, from what I’m hearing, it’s not always easy for people like you and me to articulate the reasons we oppose it. It’s called “same-sex marriage.”

This is an excellent article from the faith-based position, for the reasons against Gay Marriage. Many of us find it difficult to have discussions with our non-member, and even some LDS member friends - about our reasons for not supporting same-sex marriage.

As I continually pound... when we take a stand for traditional marriage - it is NOT a position of unkindness toward homosexuals. I think that you will find this article very helpful - as you go forth to defend traditional marriage in a kind and loving way.

We must not allow our opposition in this debate - to win - over such a lack of education about what we really do believe. Distorting the issue is their mass weapon of destruction, in destroying our true position.

For those of us who have been asked to do all that we can to support Marriage in California - this Saturday will mark the beginning of a very aggressive campaign.

Although we have only been asked to go door-to-door in our own neighborhoods, and not really discuss the issue of same-sex marriage, but gathering information on position only --- it is inevitable that questions will arise.

Many faithful LDS members in California, who will go and do as directed, by our own choice - are still somewhat apprehensive about what we must face, in defending Marriage in California.

It is my opinion, that attempting to understand the position of those who support homosexuals on the issue of same-sex marriage, is not a bad idea. In this way, we will be better prepared to speak to our friends and neighbors about the importance of traditional marriage.

Prepare yourselves with an educated arsenal - for positive discussion - and go forth with the Spirit of love.


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  1. This was a fantastic article discussing the issues of same sex marriage and our cultural acceptance of it, or lack thereof.

    The article explored many arguments that are common when the issue is discussed, and gave logical, reasonable suggestions for the answers.

    Thank you Nana for the heads up on this great article about an issue that is so very important!

  2. We have started a blog specifically to defend traditional marriage in California and to promote the passage of the constitutional amendment that will be on the ballot this November that retains marriage as between a man and a woman.

    Please join us at


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