A Well Behaved Woman Speaks Out Against Adult Content

Some of you are aware of the fact, that I write over on Hubpages.com. I started writing over there about six months ago. It seemed like a great place to write about the Mormon Church. I felt that I could reach many more people, by placing myself in the midst of those who were not members of the LDS Church and write about Mormonism. Isn't that what online missionary work is all about? Getting out of our comfort zones, making new friends and sharing the Gospel?

Six months ago, when I first joined Hubpages.com - it had a nice family friendly "magazine" feel to the website overall. There were definitely those subjects that I was not interested in, mingling amongst the others, but for the most part a positive and informative place to write. Unfortunately, over the last couple of months, more and more Hubs (articles) are being published, which fall into the category of soft-porn and adult content. Supposedly, Hubpages has policies against adult content...

Well, this kind of content brings in money, and traffic to a website and so the owners had turned their back to these authors publishing this type of content. I am so happy to report, that as of late - I took a stand with other Hubbers who have the same values as I do, and we spoke out and against these adult Hubs.

Over a period of a couple day, these types of articles have diminished greatly. They are not showing up on our front page or on the Hot Hubs list, and right next to the quality articles that so many good authors publish on Hubpages. Those of us who spoke out and took a stand against these soft-porn and adult content Hubs, and said that it was not acceptable, if we were to remain - - made a difference. Administration has not admitted any fault. Are you surprised? But, Hubs have been disappearing quite quickly. Hubpages administration say that it is just a coincidence...


There are so many good people in this world, who have high standards and are willing to speak out against those things that would destroy individuals and families. I have made some very good friends through my associations on Hubpages, who I admire and respect greatly. I love sharing the Gospel online and learning so much from those I meet along the way...



  1. Nana,
    I too felt like a stance was necessary to be taken in this issue. I believe that although the Hubpage associates will not admit that anything has been changed, there is now less soft porn photo galleries simply because a few good people dared to speak out. This is a major victory if you really think about it! I have also learned many things from my experience on Hubpages.

  2. thanks doghouse... I am confident that we absolutely have made a difference in fighting pornography and adult content over on Hubpages.

    It really is a testament of what a few good people can do. Sometimes we think that we can't make a difference when there is so much evil in the world. But, that is just not true! We must always be willing to stand up and speak up for what is right.

    I think that this will become more and more important as things move forward into the future.

    From one Mormon woman to another Mormon woman... I was totally proud to stand with you, on this issue:-)



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