Kelli Baker - So You Think You Can Dance -- Found in Utah and Yes, She is a Mormon!

I just found out from one of the comments that was posted on my Hub, that Kelli Baker is definitely a member of the LDS Church.

First, she auditioned in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Second, my "modar" went off when I watched her dancing and interview segments.

Third, she said she didn't gamble! LOL

So, how did I do? Not bad, eh?

I guess that after I spent the last few months blogging about both David Archuleta and Brooke White, who happen to be Mormons -- well, how could I not follow Kelli Baker?

Now, I am posted a video and short summary about Robert Muraine. I knew that he was not a Mormon. But for some strange reason, I just went for Kelli Baker -- somehow knowing, that I would confirm that yes, this Kelli Baker is a Mormon...

She is extremely talented. But, she does have a lot of experience under her belt. You will never guess who her mom just happens to be? This is quite the story...

Kelli Baker - So You Think You Can Dance -- Found in Utah and Yes, She is a Mormon!


  1. I absolutely loved this post. Some of your readers may not know so much mo-dar, which you mentioned in your post. A few weeks back I explained the concept on my blog in context of discussing Brooke White. If you are interested in mo-dar, it may be worth checking out. It can be found here. Anyways, keep up the talk about mo-dar.

  2. thank brigham -- also for the lesson on Modar:-) lol Kelli is a really nice young Mormon woman herself. She has even commented on my blog over at hubpages. Very cool.



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