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I want to first introduce myself to those who come upon my blog, and wonder... who - is - LdsNana?

First - I am female, obviously. I am a wife, daughter, sister, mother, nana, friend, etc... but most importantly -- I am striving to 'be' a disciple of Jesus Christ.

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints, otherwise known as a Mormon. I have a deep and abiding testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as it has been restored through the Prophet, Joseph Smith Jr.

He is my hero.

Because of the many truths, that have been brought forth as a result of the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ; my life is much different than it would have been -- had I never known of these truths. On occasion, when life gets somewhat complicated, I might briefly entertain the idea... 'What If'?

I am quickly brought back to the reality of what I do know, and at that point, I am filled with such gratitude for having the blessing of truth in my life.

I ponder these truths often, and am astounded at the depth of consequences that have developed in my personal life, as I have either been lax in their application; or having lived firmly upon other principles -- and witnessed the outpouring of blessings that always follow obedience to truth.

It is the doctrine of law -- laws of God -- that intrigue me continually.

Interesting, that most religions today have decided that Jesus Christ, as Law -- is the only person that was required to keep and fulfill the laws of God? In other words, what I hear most often, is that because Jesus Christ came in the meridian of time and fulfilled the atonement; all law as previously taught -- is of naught.

It is kind of like magic if you think about it. First there was law, then there was LAW -- and now; we get to pick and choose law, as it suits various individuals.

Now you see it -- now you don't!

What in the world is that all about? Honestly, I find myself stumped on the justification; that because Jesus Christ came and died for me -- all is well- and nothing but 'desire' is expected.

In fact - for the few, that believe that God is the same yesterday, today and forever -- it is thought blasphemous to consider that God still expects His laws kept, by those who would call themselves a Christian.

That will suffice for tonight...

This is simply a peek of how my mind thinks upon the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and how it appears to me, that so many are comfortable with their own interpretation of the Gospel -- versus-- what God really does expect from His children who profess their love and devotion to Him.

Also acknowledging, that to think that God has slammed the door on His children at the Last Day; is a great lack of faith IMHO.




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