It's Really Frustrating When All You Are Trying To Do Is Write!

Sheesh! Some of you may be aware that I have a column over at and I write in-depth about my beliefs regarding the Mormon Church a.k.a. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints.

I have been writing over there for about two months. Actually, it has gone really quite well. I enjoy being around so many different people. I enjoy the learning that is available on a multitude of topics that are published over there. And I mean multitudes...

Recently, I ran into a problem with of one of my articles being flagged and penalized by the Hub Pages computer as to my article being duplicate content... meaning that the same article or parts of it.... were found somewhere else online. This is a no no, because apparently - the almighty Google will penalize a website for duplicate content.

Why then, would I publish that which would get penalized? Well, frankly - the article that they 'flagged' is totally original.

A lot of people are discussing Mormonism online these days. What I write over on the Hub, is my perspective, opinions and understandings about the LDS Church. I do not cut and paste.

Funny thing, although my content was my own... because they could find the same subject written on elsewhere online... the penalty stuck! Very frustrating!

Hub Pages, rates each article or Hub, upon a 'secret' system. Every article goes up and down depending upon how the system rates its content; also upon traffic it receives... popularity and hopefully Google ratings?

This is good and this is bad.

Good: Appparently, even if a subjet or article that you write is not 'popular' and driving a ton of traffic, becuase of the system


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